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  1. SCAP

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    Thanks for all he replies, I have not decided for sure I am doing this but
    I need to add that when they do this rapid detox they knock you out with sedation and they remove all the opiates from your system,
    they say this means there will be no withdrawal,or at least I will be asleep while it happens?
    I feel like
    this may clear the wayfor a non opiate medicine to work???
    I just want to be off this wretched addictive medicine!!!
    I have quit cold turkey for a year before....but I was unable to work,,so mydr told me to start using it again or that I should be ready to sit home and get disability, and Im not ready to do that
    I hope to figure this all out soon!!!!!
    Again Thank You for the input
  2. richvank

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    Hi, SCAP.

    Is it the clinic in Florida where you are considering the rapid detox with anesthesia?

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  3. SCAP

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    the place is in nyc,,2 hrs asleep and then i'll be opiate free!!
  4. kbak

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    I do understand that is suppose to work very well. Good Luck with that!

  5. SCAP

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    Thanks I have heard this works ,,soo I hope it will, I am so tired of being a slave to my medicine,,it's a catch 22,,,, I take it because it works,,,,,but if I don't take I will be sick from its physcial addiction thats its nature,,I have had family tell me not to do this ,,and they want to know how I will live with my constant pain,,,but I fel that once all opiates are stripped from my receptors,,that other non addictive meds might work,,, regardless,,,I want it done Now,,,I need to be free of this,,,the drs give it to you.....they know your
    hooked,,,,,and then they make you jump thru hoops to get the medicine thats works!!!!! I am done with it,,and I have already accepted that I may be more limited without the opiates ,,,but at least I'll be free of the addiction,,it has been 12 years of this ,,I 've had enough,, My dr has made me her guinea pig,,,and shes always having me try other pills too,,,,,,I told her nothing else will work with opiate coated receptors????? How does a Dr not know this????
    I also didnt tell her I am going to do this procedure,,I guess she'll need a new
    lab rat!
    Anyway I will let everyone know how this goes,I will be getting it done in the next 3-4 months,,I am hoping with all my soul this works!!!
    thanksfor listening and being a supportive non judgemental group.