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  1. Sherry

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    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have problems with a rapid heart and sometimes a floppy feeling. The doctor said my heart tests were fine except it does beat fast. Sometimes 130 beats per minute. Does anyone have problems with their heartbeat from fibromyalgia? I get a lot of spasms an pain in my chest like in other parts of my body.
  2. Sherry

    Sherry New Member

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have problems with a rapid heart and sometimes a floppy feeling. The doctor said my heart tests were fine except it does beat fast. Sometimes 130 beats per minute. Does anyone have problems with their heartbeat from fibromyalgia? I get a lot of spasms an pain in my chest like in other parts of my body.
  3. Carlacat

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    They did a echocardigram on me and it came back abnormal so now I have an appt with a heart doctor. Have they done an echocardigram on you? I mentioned it to my doc cause I heard someone from here say you should have one done if ya have rapid heartbeat so my doc ordered one. It was a simple test.
  4. pepper

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    I've been to the ER a number of times because of rapid heart rate and chest pain - I really thought I was having a heart attack! I have all the tests done more than once and everything checks out fine.

    One of the problems with CFS/FM is that we often ignore symptoms that may indicate other problems. So we have to continue to be alert to changes. If your tests are fine, I wouldn't worry but would still monitor all symptoms.

  5. ssMarilyn

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    Mines gone as fast as 220 bmp, and it's due to anxiety. It doesn't happen very often, in fact it's been months now. I think it's because my stress levels dropped dramatically.

    Estrogen surges can also cause the racing heart. This happens in perimenopause which starts for many in their thirties. It's nothing to worry about if that's what is causing the problem.

    Marilyn :)
  6. ashergirl30

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    I started with heart palpatations especially at night. I also ended up in the ER with chest pain and a heartrate over 120 beats a min. All the tests were negative like everything else. It's more annoying than anything. I hope it subsides soon.
  7. tes

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    I as well have similar symptoms. My worst problem area is my chest. I have had fms since I was 24(I'm now 31) and have not had one day free of chest pain and from time to time I get a rapid heart beat. I have tests done over and over again with no answers. I know the chest is a problem area for alot of fms suffers. You should read previous posts. But as long as you have gotten yourself checked out you can put your mind as ease. Just try and reduce stress as much as possible.
    Take care,
  8. herblady

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    i've had tachycardia for a long time and the cause is unknown. but my heartbeat at rest usually runs 125 or so. i was on a medication for it but hubby the nurse said it wasn't a high enough dose and it didn't help much. but so far it doesn't seem to interfere with my health. so i don't worry about it. cindi
  9. diamond5

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    i have had problems with mine beating fast when i was pregnant.. with my first child i was put in the hospital for 3 days -6weeks before my due date but came back ok, second child i had it too and developed high blood pressure.. third child had the heart rate go up but just rested more.. then i had problems with my chest under my breast bone and to the right hurting ended up being my gallbladder but sometimes i wonder if is was related to fms.. did any of you experince the rapid heart rate during pregnancy?
  10. domesticgoddess

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    Hi Sherry

    I've been having constant severe calf leg pain for about 4 to 5 weeks. Doc did a doppler which showed obstructions in both legs.

    I was visiting the doc this last Mon. when I had a 'hot flash' - quit hormones 7/16. He didnt like my "look". He ordered an EKG (came back abnormal) and blood pressure was 180/118. Yes, I have angina, tachyardia & arteriosclerosis.
    Called My hubby and he had to take me to the ER.

    I was admitted. Cardiologist visited me that late morning and I had a Nuclear Study of My Heart. Because, of the obstructions in my legs I didnt have to do the treadmill.
    But he did some other kind of test where I was injected with something that made my heart rate race. I thought I was having a heart attack, but not so.

    My resting heart rate is usually 100 - 120. I take Atacand, Verapamil and alternate every other day with Lasix or Maxide.

    I've visited the ER many, many times with severe chest pain, tingling left arm and foot. My Cardiologist has always told me "if in doubt - visit the ER".

    PCP, Cardio & myself are perplexed on the obstructions in my legs. We all think it mite be vascular BUT hubby and I are leaving in two weeks for our 30th anniversary 7 day cruise. So I'm trying to wait until the middle of November to visit a Vascular Surgeon.

    Will see the Cardio on the 17th for a follow up. Praying he will agree that I can wait until after cruise.

  11. domesticgoddess

    domesticgoddess New Member

    That's a New Word For Me!

    Would you kindly explain in layman's term what this means.
    I'm quite interested in the study you just went thru.

    Thanking You In Advance

  12. WW68

    WW68 New Member

    Hello there...I too used to get the 'rapid heart beat' so bad the first year and a half of my illness, I thought i was going to have a heart attack and die.It would last sometimes for days. The good news is, it only comes once in a while now. I don't know If I can attribute it to I take xanax if it happens, and usually helps to slow it down and help me feel less panicky. Belive me at first my heart beat was higher than yours. I also attribute this maybe as time has gone on, my stymptoms are not as fierce as they first were. I hope this helped you, and good luck and hang in there!!! WW68
  13. alomasp

    alomasp New Member

    Hi, My name is Aloma, I have recently been dx. with fibro. As far as the rapid heartbeats, & feeling like my chest is caving in, I have done that for years, Mine was due to panic attacks & anxiety dis-order. Maybe?? Have you ask your dr. about this??
    Hope maybe I have helped, Aloma
  14. tmf

    tmf New Member

    Hi Sherry!

    I´m 28y. and diagnosed fibro last June (but i had symptoms for almost a year).One of the first sympt was a very rapid heartbeat (110-120).I made a ecg that wasn´t normal and than i made a ecocardiogram. I have a mitral valve prolapse, that is very frequent in patients with fibro.I have a lot of pain in my heart and i´m taking Inderal for that...
    Sorry for the bad english (i´m portuguese). If you wish to contact me can made it for: taniamoreirafonseca@hotmail.com.
    Don´t worry...
  15. Annette2

    Annette2 New Member

    I have suffered from shortness of breath. I had a pulmonary function test, and a treadmill electrocardiogram stress test. All came back normal. We figured out it was anxiety. My doctor upped my antidepressants and I've been better since. Try to relax and take things slowly. Hope you're feeling better!

    Annette2 :)
  16. butterscotch

    butterscotch New Member

    Hi, two years ago, i was having a racing heart, mostly at bedtime, it would drive me nuts, i finally went to the dr. and we discussed some stuff, i went on paxil and within about 3 days, no joke, the racing heart went away.
  17. sybil

    sybil New Member

    when i took Amitrityline.
    it felt like my chest would explode.
    since i stopped taking it i'm a lot better,

  18. Jewelz

    Jewelz New Member

    Hi.. Sherry

    I have had high blood pressure since I was 18 years old and included high pulse. My pulse used to range around 150-160 bpm.. They put me on something called Antenlol 50mg's and it didnt help at all. My medical doctor then referred me to a therapist and she gave me something called catapress and it really does the job!! My pulse will go down to about 77-80 area. I do find I stay stressed out all the time, and get super irrated easy.. They decided to put me on efforex and with them both my bp and pulse is very stable now.

    I hope this helps.
  19. queenbee69

    queenbee69 New Member

    Dear sherry, I was told of my fibro.about 8 mths ago. I also was diagnosed with atriel tachnycardia about 3years ago....In my case I do not think that there is any connection. I also take 2 different meds. for it. At times it still does race, but for the most part I just live with it, although it can become some what annoying.........Hope you get some relief soon. Good luck....queenbee69
  20. hilfgirl33

    hilfgirl33 New Member

    I was having probs with tachycardia for a while and no one could figure out what was wrong. After noticing that my heart rate seemed excessive after being on my feet too long and feeling like I was going to throw up after any type of exercise, I found an article online about a condition called POTS, which I believe someone posted on here. It was the best thing that ever happened to me because I thought I was losing my mind.

    I told my cardiologist about it and he said 'yeah, it sounds like a possibility'. I had a cardiac tilt table test. My resting hr was 106 (because I couldn't eat or drink anything for 18 hours prior and my body doesn't tolerate that well). Then, the moment they tilted me up, my hr went to 140 bpm. My BP was 80/0 within 2 minutes of the test.

    I now take about 5 grams of salt a day plus plenty of salt on my food (to give my blood volume and make my bp higher), toprol to slow hr down and ativan to make me feel less anxious.

    I just wanted to say that when this all started I really thought I was losing my mind because I was spiritually in a really good and peaceful state of mind, yet at these weird and unpredictable times I would have what felt like a major panic attack out of nowhere. I wasn't really feeling anxious at all and everyone kept telling me it was anxiety!!!! My new cardiologist told me that when you have orthostatic intolerance or POTS, your body goes into distress mode and starts releasing the fight or flight chemicals. Therefore, too much adrenaline and epinephrine and whatever else. That explained my sleep probs, too.

    Before I was dx, my pcp prescribed Ativan for me. IT did make me feel less anxious while I was having tachycardia, but it didn't stop it. So I think that may be the tell-tale sign of POTS versus anxiety.

    Anyway, if you are having sinus tachycardia with no signs of arrhythmias, consider POTS as a diagnosis.

    IMPORTANT: I was out of commision for months after the tilt table test. They can do a poor man's tilt table test and have you just lie on a table and then stand w/o moving while they record your hr and bp. It is a less violent way of making your blood drop to your feet instead of being tilted on a table.

    I don't think I would have one again unless abs. necessary!!