Rapid heart beats that come and go?

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    Does anyone have this.. with either the Fibro or Chronic fatigue?
    Last Tuesday.. in the afternoon wasn't feeling so good.. heart was going fast and then my chest wall felt funny.. ( tightness like ) and felt full.. I called my son and he came up and took me to the Er.. they did the normal routine of the EKG, Blood work and the Xray.. they decided to keep me over night for observation.. supposedly monitored but they didn't put the Monitor on me till about 30 minutes before the stress test the next morning..
    I went down for the stress test.. they said I passed it and the echocardiagram was normal..
    this morning.. I was up around 3.. went back to bed and then woke up early and I could hear my heart going so loud and so fast.. in my chest and in my neck around my ear.. it went real fast and then would slow down a bit then start up fast again.. I felt afraid .. when it wouldnt stop and it kept doing that so I called 911.. they came over.. and the lady asked if I have anxiety.. I said yes.. and that I just just been in the hospital last week.. for chest pain and a funny feeling in my chest.. I explained it all to her..
    they checked me and said my BP was up a bit.. but it went down after I sat on the couch for a little while.. they were going to take me to the Er.. when they first got here but I asked if they could just check me first.. So they did..

    Is this something that happens with Chronic fatigue? I haven't ever felt it do it like this before..
    I do have Gerd and I dont always take the meds for it.. I don't like meds.. not that anyone does.. the only thing I take is the 100 mg of Synthroid.. and once in awhile take the omperazole.
    so when I didn't go.. I went in and laid back down for a bit.. and was ok.. got up to do a few things.. and started just cleaning a bit in my kitchen and my heart started doing it again.. along with real tight like muscle spasms in my neck and upper chest and around my throat..
    Feel like I have a fever too.. I have a Dr appt thursday.. debating on maybe calling to get checked before then..
    I know it probably doesn't help.. my baby sister just passed away from lung cancer in January.. and a good friend of mine was diagnosed with prostrate cancer.. which he has to go have removed this coming Monday.. I had been up there over the weekend. I was ok.. other then nervous about the drive.. but.. I was ok. with the drive there and home.. Im sure the stress isn't helping.. maybe its put me in a flare.. but
    Do any of You with the Fibro or Chronic fatigue.. go thru this? I'm 60 now .. have had the Fibro and the myofacial for years.. and the Chronic fatigue.. I was told I had that.. in the 90s..

    Im not sure when its doing it.. that it is my blood pressure or anxiety or what.. The Heart Dr seems to think its all anxiety and panic attacks.
    He did give me a Rx for a low dose of Zoloft .. but living alone... Im scared to take it in case of bad side effects.. I have tried elavil years ago and I was up all night trembling and shaking.. forget the other one but I passed out with that.. So that sure doesn't make one feel right ready to try another..

    Thanks for anyone who can help me out with this.. its getting stressful just trying to figure what the cause or what is going on..
    Thanks >. Hugs, Deb
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    Thank You Jam.. I did call and have to go in at 3.. to see another Dr.. on the same floor and all.. Seems like I did mention the last time I was in about the Synthroid.. and the Dr said they don't prescribe that very much here cuz they aren't always able to get it? that or maybe the Drs just dont like using it..
    I did get the results on my blood work.. on the thryroid.. if You know about the readings..

    TSH 0.340 - 4.820 uIU/ML 2.420
    that was just the TSH.. about 2 weeks ago.. that was Im thinking a bit different..
    I just took my temp also.. feeing chills and Im cold.. and my temps was 97.3
    argggg.. and I used to have a Dr just for the thyroid.. but now they're saying our regular Drs are taking care of that instead of a specialist?

    This is the T3 Total..
    that was on the records.. I told her I wanted all the test that come with the testing with the Thryroid..
    T3 80 - 200 ng/dl 107

    I have been taking the same amount 100 mg.. for a few years now.. they haven't changed it..
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    Im just shutting down to go but I know I don't feel so good.. there has to be a reason.. its an awful feeling just putting on ones shoes to feel it get a little faster.. I did check with my sister shes on Synthroid too.. I left her a text msg.. shes at work but.. asking about the one Dr we used to see.. but she moved.. Now.. for some reason they want to use the regular Dr or GNP.. for stuff.. and the neck spasms don't help.. not sure if its all related or not.. but will see what they say..
    Thanks Jam..
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    I went to the Drs.. one I had only seen one time before and he said all my blood work is really good that he wished all of his patients had good blood work like mine?
    I asked about the thyroid results .. he said they were at a good range? Hmm
    He checked my lungs and looked asked about pain anyplace .. when he touched anyplace above the breast and around my neck and collar bone.. it was so so sore... and he couldnt believe that it was so sore..
    Nurse took my temp.. it was 98.3.. home it was 97.3
    He I guess wasn't sure what is going on but suggested to try a halter monitor.. cant get one till tomorrow morning but.. its been doing it off and on since.. I asked if Im supposed to call 911 or what.. he said No.. I would be fine.. he was sure of it.. so.. go figure.. I do have to go see my regular Dr.. he said to keep that appt..
    the nurse did say I should take the zoloft.. even if it is half a pill.. its 25 mgs once a day..
    but like I said.. Im scared to take anything being alone.. with how I might react with it.. or make me feel worse.. so.. arggg.. Im frustrated and uncertain with what is going on.. and I must say.. frightened too..
    I just keep saying my prayers.. and asking God to help me thru whatever is going on.
    Thanks for getting back with me on this.. I really appreciate it..
    Im not sure if there was a selinium on the results.. is there supposed to be? Im not sure what all that is..
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    Deb yes it is 'normal' with CFS to have this. I hope this video helps explain and doesn't cause trouble to your thread. It's a Dutch Cardiologist who researches CFS and the heart.

    To fast forward:
    00:16 What causes palpitations?
    00:52 The heartbeat when in rest
    02:26 How can a faster heartbeat be explained?
    07:00 What can be done about this?
    09:16 What causes the pounding of the heart?

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    Oh my gosh.. Wow.. That sure helps me to set my mind to rest with this.. Thank You so much!... I will discuss this with the Dr when I go on Thursday.. The Dr yesterday wants me to try a heart monitor which I am going to get on at the hospital soon.. but at least I know that why and what to expect.. Again.. thank You!..
    Oh too.. how can I get the link for this? .. so I can send to my Mom.. I believe my 2 sons have this too.. they've both been in for chest pain and fast heart beats..
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    I'm hoping it is ok to post this link since it isn't commercial at all, just information to all the talks of researchers who discuss their findings with CFS ME:

    This is the link to this video youtube.com/watch?v=73sR6vdmLv4
    and this is the link to more videos of theirs: youtube.com/user/WetenschapvMEcvsVer/videos
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    Thank You... Jam and Soul and Squared2. for your replies..
    I understand what You mean.. we can get a bit freaked out.. with stuff.. anxiety and panicking.. I went thru it today.. the lady was putting the monitor on.. took her over 45 minutes almost an hour.. she said shes done this for over 20 yrs but.. she had a really hard time getting it on and then to work.. it kept saying a lead was messed up.. then the monitor wouldnt work.. she replaced it 3 times.. the wires 3 times and the batteries.. and the main thing too.. finally it started working.. I was getting upset and felt my heart getting faster then it started working?
    So I left.. stopped to a store and I couldnt understand why I kept feeling something pulling around my throat.. but I checked in the mirror and the tabs were like almost up and under my throat.. about at the collar bone .. but.. I started panicking and feeling like I was choking and I pulled them off.. sigh.. what a day.. so.. I thought I best call my Dr to see to get it back on.. I ended up back to the Hospital .. the lady left... and so the other lady called over to the Clinic.. so I ended up over there and she got it on the 1st time just fine.. and she moved the pads.. a little so thats better.. I did get a few times that it felt like It was speeding up but.. it only did it for a minute.. that other lady asked me when it wouldnt work.. if I had went in to a Fibrillation.. I said I don't know.. I said the Dr didn't say anything that I did. but.. this 2nd lady never said anything about that.. but by the time I left.. I was in a state of anxiety!.. the 2nd time.. I was alot better..
    But.. I didn't get to speak to my Dr today.. but Im going to ask about the Selinium and see.. I know they just chalk it up to just handing out prescriptions.. and I don't take any more then I absolutely have to!..
    Feeling the storm coming this way.. so that isn't helping everything .. I just will be glad to know what is going on.. I can take the tabls off myself after 2:40 tomorrow.. if it is storming.. I can't take it down tho.. I explained that to her.. she said Ok..

    Oh I tried looking up the integrative MD's in my area Jam but.. didn't see anything listed.. Im near Elmira NY.. If You happen to know of any around this area.. maybe will check with one if my Insurance will cover..
    again.. Thank You all so much for your replies.. its very helpful.. God Bless,
    I will update soon as I know what is going on.
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    Thanks Jam.. I will check into that selenium myself.. and Thank You again for your helpful information.. I really appreciate it..
    there is nothing worse when not feeling good and you just don't know who to talk to and who to turn to.
    I have a friend and shes 10 yrs older then me.. I try not to say too much to her about it.. Im sure she would get tired of hearing it.. actually our friendship has been kind of winding down as of late.. Guess if one is a true friend.. they aren't going to run off when you really need someone.. and thats what it feels like is happening..
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    People don't always get 'tired' but just can't cope with their friends not feeling well all the time. It's easier to deny it then to have to deal with the fact how bad your friends health is. Noone wants that for their friends so sometimes the reaction is to back away because it is simply to hard for them to deal with it.

    Normally if a friend has a problem you want to help them get over it so you can continue with how your friendship used to be and your friend can feel well again. It's hard for them too and way more difficult for them to understand our situation because we feel and experience every part of it and they only see us at our better moments usually and it is such a difficult thing to understand even for us let alone for them. Feeling incapable to do something to improve someone you care for's situation is very difficult to deal with.

    I don't talk about how my health is with people either unless they specifically ask and I know they truely want to know or need to know because of how it limits me in something they ask from me. But a simple how are you doing question I answer with what I am doing that I enjoy doing, since usually someone is just being polite and wants to hear OK or well and I usually can't answer that honestly. But if they ask further I will tell them details about my health.

    So I don't think people don't care or aren't real friends but are just having a too hard a time dealing with what we are dealing with. It's the art of picking the qualities they have that support you and take the support of that instead of finding the what we feel is lacking and taking the sorrow of that. Some friends may be great company for playing a game with, others for an in depth conversation, others for real advise how to deal with things mentally. An other just for a good laugh because of their silliness. If you don't expect the whole pack in one person then there is no need to back away from people unless they are causing you to much stress.

    And from our side it is the art of finding what we have to offer a friend that is still within our limits. We may not be able to to be the same friend that we used to be but it might just be an opportunity to discover other talents or specialities that we have to offer we might not even have been aware of yet.
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    Thank You Soul.. What a great job of explaining.. but I understand what You mean.. and I try not to say much about how Im feeling.. but they always seem to be able to tell.. and it is hard..
    As to an update.. with my Drs appt.. I was supposed to take the heart monitor back yesterday but wasn't able to with the snow storm.. so.. took it back today when I had my appt..
    It was a check up..from being in the hospital last week..
    I was amazed when I was in there and she talked to me for at least over a 35 minutes.. but.. She said she thinks Im going into full blown panic attacks too..
    Don't want to have to take meds.. but she said I have had this anxiety for as long as she can remember.. since when I first started going to her.. which was in 03.. and that it was time I really needed to get some help.. plus after talking she asked if I wanted to go for counseling.. I said Yes.. I want to feel better.. so.. oh and I won't get the results till probably Monday on the halter monitor..
    so.. Will see what happens.. She said my Blood work and everything all looks great.. so.. guess that is what they're all saying is going on.. so.. Guess time will tell..
    Thank You all that took the time to reply.. I appreicate it..
    Hugs and Blessings,
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    Hang in there, looks like you are taking the right road for you to find the best way to deal with whatever you have to deal with. Just keep speaking out if things they suggest don't feel right for you so they can help you think of other ways that might be more suitable. Lot of respect for all the steps you are taking!
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    Thank You Soul... I appreciate your helpful information..
    Think I will start a new thread tho in regards to CFS..
    God Bless,
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    I forgot about that.. Yes. Jam.. Thank You!..
    and I know its hard for everyone with warmer weather .. yes.. it will get here.. but when it does and we don't feel so great because of it.. its hard. we all just want to feel good and be healthy..
    I thank the Lord for my health every day.. because after listening to some or hearing about some..and all they 're going thru with diseases and all.. I am thankful that this is all I have going on.. some have to take so much medicine.. just to keep going every day with pain and all that..
    Oh and as far as the Zoloft she wants me to take.. I still can't bring myself to take it.. argggg.. she said a half a pill for a week and thats only 25.. I guess the lowest one.. but .. I think I have posted on here about the two times I have had terrible side effects from trying to take anything like that.. Re: up all night shaking and trembling with the one.. and the last time, which was about 13 to 14 yrs ago.. I actually passed out from it..
    and living alone.. Gosh.. no one would know if I laid here for a few days... It was bad enough when my husband and I were together..
    Im 60 and feel like Im 90.. My neighbors don't pay attention to anything that goes on around here..
    so.. with the fact of living alone.. it makes me very leery to try anything..
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    Deb maybe set up a 'lifeline' with someone you know who is closest to you or even with your docter especially when it considers trying out new meds.

    I have this with someone else who lives alone too. When I'm not stable enough and want to do something like shower or take a bath that I know is risky for fainting then I will send an email that that is what I am going to do and that I will email when I get out again. So if I don't email them back in a few hours they know something is wrong. I'm usually not out very long when I do faint and usally am in time to go lay down on the floor first but after making a very nasty smack that luckily only resulted in bruises all over it was clear that I did need to get some backupsupport in case.

    And every morning we send a good morning email back and forth just so we know we both are still ok. Neighbours are often more willing to help then it seems. They are often just at distance because they don't want to intrude on anyone's privacy. Especially younger generations. I even had trouble sitting on my balcony because I felt like intruding on the neighbours privacy who's garden seating area was right under my balcony. So even at the moments I was able to, I hardly sat there. That and because my next door neighbour was a peeper who had no boundaries about peoples privacy. Sometimes it's hard to judge why people stay at distance and it might be worth it to try and explain your situation to them to see how they react. Or so they at least know.

    Hear you on the feeling like 90, I turned 90 at age 27. Am doing a bit better then back then but yeah, we all know how it feels to not being able to live according to your age. Hope you find some way to get a life line too so you will be able to make your life slightly easier and will be able to take more steps without having to be afraid to be left on your own.