Rapid heart beats that come and go?

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    I forgot about that.. Yes. Jam.. Thank You!..
    and I know its hard for everyone with warmer weather .. yes.. it will get here.. but when it does and we don't feel so great because of it.. its hard. we all just want to feel good and be healthy..
    I thank the Lord for my health every day.. because after listening to some or hearing about some..and all they 're going thru with diseases and all.. I am thankful that this is all I have going on.. some have to take so much medicine.. just to keep going every day with pain and all that..
    Oh and as far as the Zoloft she wants me to take.. I still can't bring myself to take it.. argggg.. she said a half a pill for a week and thats only 25.. I guess the lowest one.. but .. I think I have posted on here about the two times I have had terrible side effects from trying to take anything like that.. Re: up all night shaking and trembling with the one.. and the last time, which was about 13 to 14 yrs ago.. I actually passed out from it..
    and living alone.. Gosh.. no one would know if I laid here for a few days... It was bad enough when my husband and I were together..
    Im 60 and feel like Im 90.. My neighbors don't pay attention to anything that goes on around here..
    so.. with the fact of living alone.. it makes me very leery to try anything..
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    Deb maybe set up a 'lifeline' with someone you know who is closest to you or even with your docter especially when it considers trying out new meds.

    I have this with someone else who lives alone too. When I'm not stable enough and want to do something like shower or take a bath that I know is risky for fainting then I will send an email that that is what I am going to do and that I will email when I get out again. So if I don't email them back in a few hours they know something is wrong. I'm usually not out very long when I do faint and usally am in time to go lay down on the floor first but after making a very nasty smack that luckily only resulted in bruises all over it was clear that I did need to get some backupsupport in case.

    And every morning we send a good morning email back and forth just so we know we both are still ok. Neighbours are often more willing to help then it seems. They are often just at distance because they don't want to intrude on anyone's privacy. Especially younger generations. I even had trouble sitting on my balcony because I felt like intruding on the neighbours privacy who's garden seating area was right under my balcony. So even at the moments I was able to, I hardly sat there. That and because my next door neighbour was a peeper who had no boundaries about peoples privacy. Sometimes it's hard to judge why people stay at distance and it might be worth it to try and explain your situation to them to see how they react. Or so they at least know.

    Hear you on the feeling like 90, I turned 90 at age 27. Am doing a bit better then back then but yeah, we all know how it feels to not being able to live according to your age. Hope you find some way to get a life line too so you will be able to make your life slightly easier and will be able to take more steps without having to be afraid to be left on your own.