rapid opiate detox

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  1. SCAP

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    I have been on and off hydrocodone for the past 11 yrs,and am sick of it and dealing with my dr and only getting 2 weeks worth at a time,and increasing tolerance....
    I have decided to get this procedure done to have all the opiates removed and I want to try the homeopathic
    natural route,
    has anyone here heard anything good or bad about this, or has anyone
    here been thru this type of treatment?
    please let me know,
    Thank You
  2. kbak

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    DO NOT do a rapid detox unless you want to feel like the pit of hell!! If you want to get off the hydrocodone fine, BUT do it very slowly. I consulted a detox drug counslor before I tried to get of Neurontin.

    She said to degrease the amount I took by 10% and then let you body ajust to that level and then degrease by another 10%, ajust, and so on. This is the only to get off a powerful drug without a huge whiplash.

    If you go any faster your going to have big rebound pain, then you'll just load yourself with the med again because you can't stand the pain. It takes way longer this way, but way less side effects.

    Good Luck,
  3. wacquiebob

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    Rapid detox involves being put under general anesthesia for several hours. The mechanism of how this works is unknown. It is really only used in hard core drug addictions cases. If you have been on and off narcotics it is unlikely that that is the problem in your case.
  4. Beadlady

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    Definately take it slow.
  5. simpsons

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    really do take it very slowly i ve been through rapid detox when dr stopped me suddenly. it was hell and not at all good for your body

    though i do agree that you should stop if you can, i stopped all pain meds and you can actually find that the mitochondria are blocked by these drugs. thus they can be making you worse

    also pain meds can cause pain long term

    i found that i was able to listen to my body when not on pain meds so improved my pacing

    i stopped wheat which i found helped big time with muscle pain for my ME.

    it is worth looking at osteopath a gentle recommended one and accupunture can help

    good luck and slowly does it
  6. Saoirse3

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    When I moved up here, the doctor refused to give me any pain medications because Alaska has a huge problem with people stealing and selling them. I had to go cold turkey off of 6 oxycodone a day and I am not joking when I say I would rather have drowned on the Bering Sea in a hurricane. I came close to dying. Go slowly and let your body adjust.

    I replaced my pain meds with herbal supplements and an ayurvedic routine. I also swim and do stretching exercises. Some days are good, some not and I'm not the healthiest I've ever been. But I'm working on it!