Rare Form of Nerve Damage Causes Fatigue/Pain in GWS and ME/CFS

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    Dr. Baraniuk finds damage to a critical nerve pathway that connects regions of the brain involved in fatigue and pain production and autonomic nervous system regulation. The damage, which affects the integrity of the nerve axons, is unusual and suggests GWS and perhaps ME/CFS are not related to demyelinating disorders such as multiple sclerosis. His model suggests that the attention of people with GWS/ME/CFS gets pulled again and again away from the outside world and onto pain and other signals in the body, making it difficult for them to concentrate and carry out tasks

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    Eight years ago I broke out in disgusting rashes across my belly that oozed yellowish-pink fluid. You guessed it, it was Shingles. It wasn't as painful as described on TV commercials, but did itch considerably. I could feel the Varicella virus doing its dirty deed as it crawled across the surface of my skin. However, many of the symptoms were internal. The shooting pains I felt in my stomach, liver, kidneys, and pancreas were unmistakable. The Herpes Zoster was attacking my internal organs! I Instinctively felt that this was going to lead to no good.

    After the Shingles did its thing and I returned to "normal" I didn't feel the same. I slept constantly and was fatigued all the time. Although my primary physician care did not prescribe it, I insisted I be tested for diabetes. The results were positive for Type II.

    I was convinced then, as I am now, that my Diabetes was caused by the Varicella virus. As far as I'm concerned this is not just a theory -- it's a fact!

    Harry Manian
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    I firmly believe that nerve damage caused by pathogens leads to many illnesses -- including chronic-fatigue- syndrome

    Harry Manian