Rash that is "Cousin" to Fibromyalgia???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FM58, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. FM58

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    Anyone ever hear of this?

    I went to my PCP for this awful rash I have. It started on my knee-I thought it was a bug bite. Then it spread onto the side of my knee as several itchy, burning bumps. Next there were a few single little bumps in various spots on my legs.

    Then all over my back, mostly on the sides of my trunk there are clumps of these red itchy burning bumps. I was actually concerned that it was shingles. Now spreading to my tummy too. I tried Benadryl spray, it burned & made me feel worse :(

    I saw my PCP today, he thinks it might be a "cousin" to fibromyalgia. I didn't catch the name he used. He did blood work, switched my antihistimine & gave me Elocon lotion to use.

    Has anyone ever heard of this rash that is a "cousin" to fibro? Thanks for any input.

  2. moxiepup

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    Hi Patty: I didn't know Fibro had a cousin, it sure sounds like shingles, have you ever had them before?

    When I had them they gave me an anti-viral and antihistamines, and I had them so bad once I had to go on Prednisone for a week.

    I hope you find out what it is, did he culture it to see what it was? just a thought, there is this rash that's called MSRA I think I have the initials correct, it's a staph infection, if you have that then you need an anti-bacterial med.

    take care,

  3. Shirl

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    I have never ever heard of any such thing, a cousin of FM??
    There is something wrong with this picture.

    I think you had better get another opinion. That rash sounds serious.

    Have you changed meds lately? If so call your pharmacist about the rash.

    Are you allergic to any kind of foods? It has got to be something wrong here.

    I have had FM for over twenty years and never had any kind of rash.

    Take care of yourself, and get another opinion before the rash gets worst.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. sleepyinlalaland

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    a one-note-Nellie on this subject, but I'd advise you to look into MRSA also.

    Of course, a rash (or bumps) could be any of a number of things, but I am trying to shake a recurring MRSA condition. I was first diagnosed last fall and tho it's mostly gone...little red, burning and itchy bumps keep cropping up here and there. It originally started out EXACTLY like a bug bite. Then another and another....You need a specific antibiotic for this or it won't go away. The surface (skin) form of this staph infectin can take the form of bites, bumps, rash (cellulitis--under-the-skin inflamation) boils, or other infected sores.

    It took me a long time to get diagnosed. Most doctors are not used to seeing it outside of the hospital, and won't know what they're looking at.

    Just a caution
  5. Prunella

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    I have heard of strange rashes with wheat and corn allegies.
  6. itscarrie

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    I've got a red rash that started on my back about 3 -4 weeks ago. It is really red and burns more than itches. It goes away but comes back again. Tonight it came back and another one near the top of my butt (lower back area). The first one is in the middle of my back. I ws given Loprox cream a week ago but tonight its back again.

    It is red with like little bumps on it. Feels like its a burn but it isn't.

    My mom sent over some Savlon cream from England and it works better than the Loprox but it still comes back.Maybe its similar to your rash...what does yours look like and how big an area is each rash spot.
  7. bheick

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    I've had the same kind of rash on my legs several times. I get them from taking drugs with sulfur or sulfites in them. Check your meds on WebMD or something like that. I never had an allergic reation to anything until my FM. Now I cannot tolerate the sulfur or sulfites. Aveeno lotion works wonders for the bumps!

    Just a thought! They are in many, many drugs!

    Good luck!
  8. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    It's such a close cousin to fibro, docs have a bear of a time telling the diff. and people can be misdiagnosed one way or the other for years. And it's no wonder, because some on here have a hybrid form of mostly fibro w/ a dab of lupus symptoms for extra fun.

    Rashes are a trademark of Lupus.

  9. getfitat40

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    I get them too...mine seem to be related to heat and stress related. They itch like crazy and seem random. I know lupus has a rash associated with it but I thought it was primarily on the face - racoon like mask.

    I finally broke down and went to a dermatologist for all my rashes. Big mistake in a way - I walked out of there with seven different lotions for different parts of my body. I had to mark them with a Sharpie marker to know which went where when.

    And not to make light of your situation - our situation - but FMS needs to be an orphan with no siblings so it NEVER has any cousins. DD!
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Especially since this rash is spreading. It could be eczema or psoriasis which needs to be treated before it spreads even further.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Shirl

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    Shalom, Shirl
  12. matthewson

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    I had that years ago, and had bad joint pain for a few months after. It is a common disease and is caused by a parvo-virus.

    Take care, Sally
  13. poodlemommy

    poodlemommy New Member

    Its funny you mention the rash. This past week Ive had the same thing on my arm near my elbow. its very itchy. My elbow is swollen too. It hasnt spread but just started 4 days ago. Weird thing.
  14. Randi_Mae

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    I have a book called 'Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain' the survival manual so maybethat is hat he told you,i'm not sure but just a thought... Good luck, hope you figure it out.
  15. Toga

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    Several months before I was dx'd w/ FM, I started having rashes here and there and everywhere. The worst was my hands.

    I went to a Dermatologist and left with all kinds of creams too. They all made the rash worse. Went back.

    Left with new Rx. Didn't work, I get worse.

    Third time, new Rx. Didn't work, made things worse.

    I finally agreed to have skin tests done. I was allergic to everything. My dish soap, my bath soap, lotions, hair spray, hair gel, shampoo, keys, coins, etc. etc. etc. Even slightly allergic to my jewelry. I was also allergic to all the Rx's they had given me so far.

    They gave me another Rx and it worked. I changed everything. I have to use everything unscented. I hate it because I love nice smells. I double and triple rinse all my laundry. I use unscented soaps and lotions and found I can use Dawn plus Hand Care dish soap.

    The hardest thing to find was hair products I could use that I liked. I finally discovered Aveda products. They are wonderful but so expensive.

    I often wonder if this had anything to do with FM. I am so sensitive to everything. I have to carry my own hand soap to use in public restrooms. I've left my little bottles there twice because I forget while I'm drying my hands to grab my bottle.

    If your rashes continue, I'd switch to unscented everything and use gloves when you have to use household cleaners. Don't let your skin get dry, use lots of unscented lotion everytime you shower or bathe, lots of hand lotion during the day.

    You may have to have the skin tests to find out what the culprit is for sure. They tested 52 different things and I was allergic to 38 of them. I still get random rashes once in a while but manage to keep them under control.

    Good luck, its so distracting to be itching all the time, especially when you are in public and don't want to scratch.

  16. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    only most of mine are inhalant allergies.

    My first skin rash was at 18 though, an omen of things to come, but I didn't know it then. turned out to be fabric softener, but I thought it was scabies, so kept using Kwellada and relaundering w/ extra Bounce, oops. Turns out I'm immune to scabies and think I'm immune to poison ivy too, at least I'm immune to something, but I digress.

    I'm unscented everything now, and can't use soap at malls either. I just rinse, what the heck, have to touch the grimy door after.

  17. matthewson

    matthewson New Member

    Did you ever find out what the name of the rash was? Curious minds want to know!

    Take care, Sally
  18. FM58

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    I appreciate everyone's responses - you are all giving me a lot to mull over.

    They drew blood Thursday morning, I'll call on Monday - but doubt they will have results in by then. Hopefully my PCP will know something by Tuesday, so I will talk to him then.

    The rash is spreading despite the use of the Elocon, I'm going to request a referral to a dermatologist- I'm hoping ther derm will culture the rash & have a more definitive answer for me.

    I'll update you on my mystery rash when I know more!

    Thanks again for all the support : )

  19. NyroFan

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    I have these problems also and use lots of coconut oil.
    I have never heard that fibro and rashes are 'cousins', but I do know that immune system problems can cause skin disorders. That is pretty much a fact. The same--I dont' know for sure.