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  1. rose52

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    ive broken out in a rash. been like 4 months now,went to the hospital evening. they diagnosed it as a virus and put me on a weeks supply of prednisone. it seemd to give me more strength but the itchy rash is still there only on the breast area and a few on my back. beibg sent to a dermatologist oct 16th. having troubles with medicade in the hoosier state most drs have just stopped treating. they have two dermetologist within 30 minutes of me but each refused me, so im gonna have at least a three hour drive that day.
    anyone else have this problem?
  2. charlie21

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    Just a thought, check out shingles, very commone place near the breast area, and often one side of the back. Have you been exposed to anyone with chicken pox do you know. Charlie
  3. rose52

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    I guess it could be shingles, but looks like one out of two doctors would of known. Thats what puzzles me the most.
    I havent been around anyone with chicken poxs.. or measles.. etc. Yet the emergency room dr. diagnosed it as some sort of viral infection. then put on the paper...that it was not.. chicken poxs.. measles..etc.
    thanks for the input it was greatly appreciated.