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    i need i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia for the last 8 years i have not been to a doctor in 3 since mine was taken out for malpractice. my sister also has the disorder with bipolar and im scared to death of being like her being on about 20 meds and not any of them work so i have just learned to deal with the pain and various other smptons what i am writing about about a year ago i got the flu and developed a rash on my chest that was unbearable after sitting in a tub for an hour with baking soda the itching finaly subsided than i noticed after that when i got my period id get a rash on my chest wasnt so bad those times. the other day i got the flu again when it seemed like it was over my chest and back broke out in a bright red blotches that itched so bad i was in the tub again for an hour. i have read that sometimes fibromyalgia can cause rashes is it more likely this is a new symptom with my fibromyalgia or something more going on.
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    thank you very much i thought it may have been hives too due to the flu or a fever or body temprature bringing it out but everything ive seen on the internet about hives doesnt look like this doesnt hive have like almost blisters with it whatever i have is just a red splotches that just keep getting bigger usualy gone the next day or so its frusterating very irritating i sat in some baking soda water tonight helped till i accidently rubbed the back of my chair and started the skin itching again trying not to itch cause it just spreads it it seems. thanks os much for your input im not sure what else to think abotu this.
  3. heavenskiss33

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    not so sure they are hives because today they are gone usualy whatever this is only last about one day and go away on there own. havent been on any medications this is why this is so puzzling. i hope that you are starting to feel better and that your hives go away they must be purely miserable

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