Raspberry Ketones

Discussion in 'Weight Management' started by jaminhealth, Jun 23, 2012.

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    THis seems to one of the last fat burning supplements. I just bought a 3 month supply and we shall see. I could lose 10 lbs or so.....

    I eat no breads, much less cheese, try to eat none, and portion control....rice crackers when I need some crackers for a treat
  2. Did the Raspberry Ketones help? What brand did you use? I'm real picky about where I get my supplements-there's so much garbage out there! Thanks!
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    I don't believe so, I think these are all fads, one has to cut out the bad bad foods and move more. I forget where I got them...also push away from the table. The Great Lakes Hydosylate I'm taking now into my 2nd month is helping with better sleep and an appetite suppressant too...I'm taking it primarly for joint relief..
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    Best way is to push away from table and cut out specific foodstuffs.....I find less of an appetite with the collagen product I'm taking for the last 3 months or so.
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