RATS!!! my SHIRL post got DELETED! ARRG!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by JimB51, May 25, 2009.

  1. JimB51

    JimB51 Member

    It took me SO LONG to write my message to Mikie, ... then I accidentally hit DELETE. - The WHOLE POST GOT DELETED. ... TO EVERYONE who replied - Thank You - Jim ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    >Just rewrote and posted that message to Mikie on the CFS board. The "Shirl" post
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  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    the post about Shirl on the Fibromyalgia board? It's on page 2.

    Nothing worse than post that go puff in the night.

  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Sorry about the delete. I haven't been to the FMS Board yet. I e-mailed Shirl and Nanna to tell them people are asking about them both.

    Nanna talks to Shirl on the phone from time to time. I have a hard time with the phone, so I don't usually call. Don't know why phones get on my nerves like harsh lighting but it sends me into sensory overload, even with my Klonopin. Listening to other people on the phone is just as bad. I've had to ask one friend not to talk on her cell phone when she is in my car and I am driving.

    Hope we hear something soon.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Sacajawea2

    Sacajawea2 Member

    Hi Jim and Mikie,

    Bummer! I've done that myself a few times, like my pinkie hits the "enter" key and it erases it...so I try to avoid doing that.

    Mikie, I did get to see your response to mine last night and am happy you can give Nanna a message. I was going to her board for a bit but it was difficult for me to get in. I really liked her sense of humor and compassion (and passion for life). I doubt Shirl remembers me but she gave me good advice several times when I was having a hard time a few years ago and hope to see her back soon. Remember the days when you both used to greet everyone personally when they first signed up???? Much slower days or were you exhausted just from that?

    What a nice photo! So you were a paramedic? That's what my son wants to be...he's graduating this weekend from high school. He's always wanted to be a fire fighter. It kind of scares me...but we'll see if that's what he ends up doing.

  5. JimB51

    JimB51 Member

  6. JimB51

    JimB51 Member

    Ya,it's a good job -- for some people.
    The excitement wears off quickly but it's a rewarding job.
    You have good days/nights,bad days,boring days,an occasionally very tough days - especially the emotional ones. (Don't think Fireman/paramedics never go home and cry). - It a good feeling tho when you leave work knowing that someone was in crises ... and you were there to help. ........................................................ Good for your son. Usually you have to be 21. So college, tech training school, military or a good job would be good experience until then. - Jim
  7. JimB51

    JimB51 Member

    Ya, a "fair warning" notice about Deleting would be a GREAT feature to have on this board. (Our lives are frustrating enough).
    The Retrieve button didn't go back to my post. My post was just swallowed up in a mysterious computer black hole. -------------- Thanks for your reply, - Jim

  8. JimB51

    JimB51 Member

    Ya I know about sensory overload. I REALLY know it's extreme effects.
    Klonopin doesn't seem to have any effect on me anymore.
    I get computer use overload pretty quickly too. Feels like you'll explode if you don't leave it .. Now!
    - I hope one of you does talk to that girl! She owes me three "hangins". ( for my teasing etc) - She should at least show up here to carry out her threats!- or maybe a pardon.
    -- I've been standing here for three years now waiting to die! (lol)
    ------------- Jim
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    SJ, yes, I do remember the "gool ole days," when the board was so much smaller. On one hand, I am glad so many have found their way here to get help and support but it saddens me to know how many suffer from our illnesses. The people here are just the tip of the iceberg. I'm sure Shirl will remember you.

    Jim, that is a great pic of you. You handsome devil! My Klonopin still helps me sleep and my sensory overload threshold is much, much better than it used to be. Still, I fight the phone thing. Any kind of clicking or druming can start seizure activity in my brain too. I have had to ask baggers, and even customers, to please not tap on the counter while waiting at the store. I apologize and explain that I have a seizure disorder and the druming can cause neuron misfiring. Everyone is very nice about it and some are even interested in it. It does make me feel as though I have to get away from it NOW! That is why I ask early on and don't try to tough it out. I used to do that and found that if it got too bad, I simply could no longer find words to speak. I was like a stroke victim. I knew what I wanted to say but couldn't find the words to say it. Strangest thing. I've been lucky enough to have some healing, but it's always a challenge to find the right balance. For me, The CFIDS/ME has been far worse than the FMS and it is more difficult to treat. The FMS symptoms are under control but I have to be really careful where the CFIDS is concerned. Even the smallest thing can set off a relapse.

    Well, we may be sick but we are certainly in luck to have such wonderful people here. I don't know where I would be without all the support and info I've gotten here. I pray for us all every day and I pray for cures.

    Love, Mikie
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    She wanted me to give her best to everyone here who remembers her. She tells me Shirl still hasn't got her new laptop up and running.

    Love, Mikie

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