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  1. MiahRoo

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    Has anyone else looked into this or tried it? I've read some pretty amazing success stories from people that were diagnosed with fibro/cfs and many, many, many other conditions. I'm very curious about this idea. I always want to go the natural route before going head first into traditional medicine. I just don't trust it anymore. I'm so tired of popping pills all day, everyday. I want my life back and I'm willing to try anything to get there. I'm an animal rights activist and have been vegan for almost 9 years so this diet would be fairly easy for me to adjust to. Anybody here ever give it a go? Thanks.
  2. GeneticDefect

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    I've been an ovo-lacto vegetarian since 1981. I think the raw food diet is worth a try.
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    Bumping for more responses.
  4. MiahRoo

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    I'm rather surprised that nobody seems to have tried this out. I'll be trying this within the next month or two and I'll keep everyone updated with the results. This is the website that I first found raw food information on. It's certainly not the greatest resource out there but it got me hooked, and very interested. http://www.shazzie.com If anything just read the stories. I've been feeling hopeless lately. Nothing I've been trying has made much of a difference. This site has brought me some hope to grasp onto.
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    Hello! I've been vegan for 11 years now, and am an animal rights activist too! :) I'm very into health food and natural care, so I've refused to take pain meds. The only med I take for my fibro is Advil. I've tried the raw food diet and it helps A LOT! I totally feel a difference. It's really hard though, because it's very strict and not the most convenient of diets. But I do my best to eat as much raw stuff as possible. I'd say I'm 40 to 50% raw at this time. If i go off and start eating lots of junk, my body really gets mad and the pain is awful. You should go to the library and buy a few books on raw food dieting. Let me know what happens! :)
  6. hollie9

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    I don't have FM but definitely have CFS.

    I did it for about a month, maybe more. I found no change for the better in my condition.

    There is so much energy going into carrying and shopping for heavy bags of produce, lots of blending and juicing, lots of work.

    I found it worsened my condition from the energy expenditure.

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    with the idea of an all raw diet. There is a diet called "The Hallelujah Diet" that gives recipies, a support system, news letters etc. I get the news letter and look forward to getting the recipies every month.

    I do beleve it will help in the long run. Just remember to go as organic as possible when you do it. You don't want to get any pollutants that might make you sicker and organic are much more nutritious then regular foods. Chris
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