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    I posted this elsewhere, but thought it deserved its own post:

    I went to raw food center in Atlanta and learned a lot, it was very 'hands-on', owner had gone to Hippocrates Institute in NM (--or AZ? forget which state), she swears that is why her breast cancer is gone plus lost a lot of weight; she looked fabulous and boundless energy...

    I didn't really have the energy to make 'recipes', AND immediately was craving the high-carb recipes even tho they're raw, altho she DID caution us about eating too much of them and to concentrate on the other lower carb foods.

    I found Frederic Patenaude's site (you can google his name for his website), he has a lot of interesting articles available online if you sign up for his free e-newsletter, and he definitely has a bit different outlook and opinion on the raw food movements (plural!)

    This is one article I found to be quite interesting as it helps explains why a friend of mine failed for reasons other than lack of energy - she actually GAINED weight which was bad cuz she is overweight plus candida - because she also craved the high-carb recipes and the majority of her calories came from them.

    He also has an article about how, if you eat fruit and avoid high-fat veggies/fruits like avocado, your candida will get better, rather than by avoiding sweet fruits if you go raw! Yep, totally against everything we've been taught...

    Anyway, he definitely has a different viewpoint and backs up most/all of his stuff with others' research/experimentation etc.


    Where Do You Stand?

    The newcomer to the world of natural health is often confused by the myriad of different diet philosophies out there that all seem to contradict each other. Every year we hear about a new diet to add to the endless list of those already in existence; Mediterranean, South Beach, Atkins, Blood Type, Macrobiotics and all of the others that have been long since forgotten.

    When a person is interested in the raw-food diet, it seems that the confusion is even bigger! In this tiny niche market of the natural health world, the promoters of the raw-food diet haven't even agreed with each other on what really constitutes the raw food diet.

    For example, there's the Hippocrates program, which proposes a diet consisting mainly of sprouts, vegetables and very little fruit.

    There's the Rainbow Green Diet, which eliminates fruit for a while and focuses on vegetables, seaweeds, spirulina and other “green” foods.

    Then there are those who promote a diet that includes lots of “super-foods” such as coconut oil, cacao beans, maca powder, and other such exotic ingredients.

    We also have the instinctive eating movement that recommends eating raw foods in their natural state (no juicing, blending, mixing, etc.), but also often include raw meat and fish in the fare.

    Some raw-foodists eat raw dairy, insisting that we need some animal foods in our diet in order to thrive.

    Then there are those who recommend a fruit-based diet, and a rarer few who recommend an all-fruit diet.

    There's natural hygiene, which insists on eating foods in their natural state and avoiding strong irritants such as garlic, hot peppers, spices and salt.

    Then, of course, there are those who take no position at all and just recommend that people find out “what works for them.”

    So the newcomer, who is faced with all of these different diet philosophies, has no choice but to wonder who's right and who's wrong. It seems like choosing the 'right' diet is such an insurmountable task, that perhaps the best thing to do is just try a little bit of each of these different approaches and come up with a workable program.

    In my experience, this approach leads to a lot of frustration, if not sheer failure. That's what I was doing for many years, trying a little bit of each raw-food or diet approach in the hope of eventually coming up with my own program. That's until I realized that there are not actually that many options. The different philosophies give themselves different names when in fact they are basically promoting the same thing.

    Before examining diets in the raw world, let's take a look at the other more popular diets out there. One has to wonder: with so many possibilities, who's right?


    For almost 150 years, the medical model for dieting has been recommending a high-fat, high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. It started becoming popular in 1860 when Londoner William Banting lost 50 pounds on a high-protein diet that consisted of dry roasted lean meat, soft-boiled eggs and vegetables. He wrote a book in 1864 called “Letters on Corpulence” that became an instant bestseller.

    By 1880, “Banting” is America's foremost weight-loss program. A little later, another doctor by the name of James Salisbury started promoting a diet consisting mainly of hot water and minced meat patties (the famous Salisbury steak) for health and weight loss.

    When Dr. Atkins wrote his “Diet Revolution” in 1972, he didn't invent anything new. He just kept on promoting the medical model for weight loss, which has always consisted of calorie-reduction in the context of a high-fat, high-protein diet.

    Since then, most diets are just a variation on the same theme, with a different degree of restrictions and a new gimmick. The Zone Diet, the South Beach Diet, and even the Blood Type diet are just variations on the medical model for dieting.

    Challengers to the medical model for diet and weight loss have always recommended a low-fat diet. Generally, their books are not as in vogue as the other diet fads I mentioned, but their program is based on more solid science.

    Proponents of the low-fat diet include Dr. Dean Ornish. Dr. Ornish was the first to prove through extensive research that coronary heart disease can be reversed, by making comprehensive changes in diet and lifestyle, including a low-fat vegetarian diet.

    Other proponents of the low-fat diet include Dr. McDougall, who has recommended a low-fat diet for decades and whose results are well documented (http://www.drmcdougall.com/).

    Also, in the low-fat camp we find T. Colin Campbell who conducted The China Study : the most comprehensive nutrition study ever conducted. We also have most of the vegan and vegetarian doctors who wrote books and did their own research, such as Dr. Klaper, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, and many others.

    When we look at it like that, and if we go past the small differences regarding details, we can roughly see the following picture:

    We have the medical model that's promoted through most “research” we hear about in newspapers, popular magazines and fitness centers. This model usually recommends a high-fat, high-protein diet and calorie reduction, or a variation on that theme.

    Then we have the “alternative” model, which is promoted by various doctors and serious researchers and is backed up by an extensive amount of data. This model recommends a plant-based, low-fat vegetarian diet.


    In the raw-food movement, it may seem from the outside that there are many different options available, and this all seems very confusing to the newcomer.

    A closer look at the different raw-food diets promoted, however, reveals that there are basically 2 different options presented, with others that find themselves in-between.

    1- *The high-fat, raw diet*. This approach generally promotes eating a vegetable based diet. Although the promoters of this diet do not like to say it, it is also a very high-fat diet.

    2- *The fruit-based, low-fat diet*. This approach recognizes the problems of eating large quantities of fat, even though this fat may come from natural sources such as avocados, nuts, seeds, etc. Instead of making fat the main source of calories, this approach recommends fruit as being the main source of calories.

    In a raw-food diet the foods that provide calories are basically limited to two options: fruit or fat.

    Why is that?

    The fact is, that fruit is the only real source of carbohydrates in the raw diet. Complex sugars such as bread, pasta, potatoes, etc., are generally avoided. Although some vegetables contain carbohydrates, they cannot be considered to be a significant source of them. They are so low in calories that it would be impossible to eat enough of them to meet our caloric needs. To get 2000 calories, you would need to eat about 50 heads of lettuce, or over 75 raw carrots. It simply isn't gonna happen.

    The alternative is to eat fatty foods such as avocados, olive oil, nuts and seeds. When a raw-food person says that he doesn't recommend eating a lot of fruit, then by default, it means that he recommends a high-fat diet. There is simply no other way around it!


    Once you understand that all these endless dietary approaches can really be filtered down into just two, you have to decide where you stand.

    Which raw diet are you going to follow? The high-fat diet, or the high-fruit diet?

    In my experience, trying to find middle-ground has been a frustrating endeavor. The reasons why are a little scientific. Let me explain:

    On a high-fat diet, insulin sensitivity is greatly reduced, meaning that simple sugars do not arrive to their destination (the cells) as rapidly. When a person on a high-fat diet eats a lot of fruit (sugar), they often get symptoms of hypoglycemia, candida, concentration problems and more.

    The equation is: high-fat diet + fruit = disaster.

    On a low-fat diet, however, we find that all those symptoms disappear, even though a lot of fruit is consumed. Insulin works efficiently to transport simple sugars to the cells. Concentration increases and blood sugar is stable.

    Those results are perfectly congruent with all of the research done by the various doctors mentioned earlier, who promote a low-fat diet. Trying to mix different approaches together will end up being disastrous.

    Why not choose one and really stick with it?


    If you want to eat a raw-food diet, you have the choice between a high-fruit, low-fat diet, or a high-fat diet. The choice is yours, but don't take your decision lightly.

    Personally, the answer is obvious. The low-fat diet makes the most sense, is the easiest to practice, the most rewarding in terms of health results and energy levels, and the one that is most congruent with the most progressive scientific research.

    To me, the high-fat raw diet is just a variation on the medical model of diet and weight loss. It doesn't make sense and isn't giving the kind of results we would expect from a successful program.

    So decide, where do you stand?"
    (OK he gives permission to use his articles as long as you include the following, hope this is ok, and NO, I do not have a financial interest in this at all, LOL)
    "Young writer and entrepreneur, Frederic Patenaude, is the author of the best-selling e-book “The Raw Secrets” and is known for his no-gimmick, BS-free approach to health and nutrition. To learn more about “The Raw Secrets,” and to read his FREE how-to articles and newsletter, visit (google his name).


    I am at this point just trying to include green drinks in my diet, figure that will help a lot alone because of enzymes, and avoiding refined foods as much as possible, as well as most grains.... altho I am eating cooked foods... and also buying organic as much as possible, esp meat!

    Hope you find this interesting!

    All the best,
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    Excellent article Victoria, I have read all of Fredric Patenaude's writings, although I dont have his new book yet......I will say that I find him to be one of the most "level-headed" people in the raw food movement, along with Gabriel Cousens........Its almost comical how there is so much controversy within the raw food movement or any philosophy for that matter.......It was the same way in chiropractic college, everyone broke off into their individual techniques and argued that they were right and everyone else was wrong......Its the same way with religion, politics or anything else........

    I think the important thing to remember is that the healthiest people eat a low to moderate calorie diet, high in fruits, veggies, nuts and small amounts of meat, if needed.......The key is to avoid sugar, flour, pop, processed food, MSG, Aspartame, chemical additives and other synthetic substances.......The problem is that it is all these things are in our food supply, in large quantities and the food labeling is not always accurate.......If you buys something out of a box, can or package, you are probably getting some of these dangerous substances........especially if you are sick to begin with.......

    In fact, many of the additives and preservatives in our food supply are BANNED in most other countries.......Yes, banned......In fact, just this week, British Parliament is holding hearings on the subject of banning Aspartame completely, from their food supply, as research is now coming out that they covered up the fact that it causes cancer........And do you know who was the "Leader" of pushing thru Aspartame into our food supply back in the 80's???? Yes, that's right, Donald Rumsfeld, our lovely Secretary of Defense, who lied us into the war in Iraq......but I digress........Research had shown that Aspartame caused cancer back in the 80's, but thanks to Mr Rumsfelds ability to push thru the legislation, it went into our food supply, without anyone seeing the research......Sound familiar???? There is so much politics behind our food supply, it is such a disgrace.......

    Did you know that MSG has doubled in our food supply since the 1950's?????? Did you know that MSG not only causes obesity, but it also causes the brain to "stay hungry" so that you continue to eat, even when you are not hungry......The United States has the largest supply of MSG in its food supply, compared to any other country.......And let me tell you, its not in there to just make food taste better, its in there so you eat more and buy more food, thus making more money for the companies.......Yes, its all profit motivated.......Not to mention the amount of health problems obesity causes, which keeps our medical and pharmaceutical industry in the "green"........Where is the media or the FDA on this issue????? Why dont you ever hear about this, when its a well known fact?????? Where is the media and CDC when it comes to our illnesses???? Its all connected folks, we are nothing more than "guinea pigs" in the profit motivated society of the United States......Do you realize that companies such as Monsanto are responsible for putting these additives and glutamates in our food supply and they are the same companies developing the medications in treating these illnesses they create??????

    Is it coincidental that since they have added all of these "mysterious substances" to our food supply in the early 80's that we now have all of these "mysterious illnesses" in the 90's and the new Millenium........Why are so many people coming down with CFS, MS, Parkinsons, Alzheimers.....etc.....???? I will tell you why, we are being slowly poisoned by our food supply.......Yes, I know this is alot to swallow, but I have researched this stuff for the past 5 years and its not pretty.......Our food supply is tainted folks, and its making us a nation of obese, violent, depressed and sick people.......And nobody in the media or government is going to tell you the truth.....You have to realize it on your own and spread the word........I laugh at the book, "why French women are so thin".......its because french women dont eat the US food supply, full of obesity causing additives.....plain and simple.........

    Ok, its a full moon and I get upset, but now back to raw food.......

    My only problem with Fredric's theories, even though he is 90% correct, is that he does not take into consideration the quality of sugar, fat, and protein in raw foods vs cooked foods and meat/carbs........If you really want to understand fat, sugar and protein, you have to realize that all calories are not created equal, all fats are not equal, and the same for sugars........There are doctors who can explain this much better than myself, but I will do my best......A Calorie is not a Calorie across the board.......A calorie from a fresh veggie or fruit is much different than a calorie from applesauce or processed food.......which is why calorie counting does not work for everyone........Your body processes different "qualities" of food, even if they have the same caloric make-up.......For example, sugar from fruit is not the same as man-made sugar, and they dont affect your physiology exactly the same......In fact, there are natural enzymes in fruits and veggies that allow the food to be broken down in the body, whereas processed food does not contain these enzymes, thus, they are not as easily digested or assimilated.......No you dont want to eat 8 avocado's a day, its too much fat, but I have eaten 2 or 3 in a day and I continue to lose weight and my blood pressure continues to fall to normal.......The fat in raw nuts or avocados is of a superior quality than fat in meat or processed food, its not even close.......So when Fredric says you have to choose between a high fat raw diet or a high sugar diet, that is just not true.......

    Most raw foodists choose between very diverse food groups, not eating too much fruit or too much fat......Yes, there is a small group of 10-15% raw foodists who eat too much of one thing and claim they are right, but most do not......Most raw foodists eat according to what their body is craving, and they eat with moderation, in respect to quantity.......I understand Frederic's point of view, but he is making a broad generalization of raw foodists, based on 10-15% of radical people.......Dr McDougall, Dr Weil, and Dr Ornish are the best MD's out there, in my opinion, because they preach low-to-moderate caloric intake, high amounts of raw or fresh foods and a low amount of meat in the diet......Now, they are not mainstream medicine, because they are not following the "political-propaganda" promoting high amounts of meat and dairy.......I would listen to them before I would listen to anyone in the medical field......

    That being said, I do believe 100% in the benefits of the raw food diet, in fact, I live it every day.......I am not speculating on what I have read or what I think, I am actually doing it........and that is why I think I am right when it comes to the benefits of eating this way.....Its one thing to "cite research" or read books, but its another thing to actually experience it.......I have nothing but respect for Fredric Patenaude, he is a very intelligent man, but I dont agree with all of his "assumptions"........I do like that he is not a "radical" enthusiast, although, I would say that I am at times.......Its just that I believe 100% in what I am doing and I have seen it work for dozens of people, not just myself........In addition, I am very passionate about helping as many people as I can, so sometimes I do come across as "radical".......for that, I apologize.......Its just that once your eyes are "opened", you want to share with everyone......Peace......John
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    victoria New Member

    I've read a lot and self-educated myself...

    One thing Patenaude did say somewhere on his site or in an old newsletter is that initially many/most if not all feel great on raw food as they detox etc.... but that with time, say a year or two down the road, some actually begin to deteriorate and secretly begin to eat cooked food and/or meat as well... Not everyone.

    So my point actually overall is that different people do differently with the same diet, ie, our individual needs can differ; I do believe that a one-diet-fits-all scheme doesn't work, raw or cooked or mixed or whatever...

    all the best,
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    I totally understand where you are coming from and we can both agree on your point......The Raw Diet is not for everyone, most people just dont have the ability to do something like this......It takes a very special person to open their mind and have the "will-power" to make it work.......I am very lucky, and very desperate, due to spending the last 10 years in bed, with no hope for a life.......The raw diet has given me my life back and I only want to emphasize the benefits to anyone who is desperate like myself.......

    I do appreciate all of your posts, I can tell you are very well educated......Just out of curiosity, have you ever tried the raw diet for a significant period of time???? There is nothing like "experience" when it comes to information......

    I am not in the school of thought that you have to do it 100% of the time, 50-75% is better than not doing it at all......But in the context of our discussion, I believe that anyone who has a serious illness like people on this board, should consider trying to stay close to 100% until they are healed or close to their maximum health potential.......It breaks my heart that I hear so many people with the same problems that I use to have, and they dont realize that the food they put in their mouth is causing at least half of their problems.......Thats why I am so passionate and that is why I am trying to convince people to give it a try......What do you have to lose by trying for a month or two???? You can always go back to eating your previous way.......Just a thought.......

    Thanks again Victoria, I respect all of your opinions and facts........Peace........John
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    victoria New Member

    and have experienced your enthusiasm about several things that have worked well for me,

    but would disagree as far as your first paragraph... I think at least MOST of us are VERY motivated to try to get our lives back... to say otherwise is to discredit many of us here.

    Altho I guess I can point to my following the Marshall Protocol for past 14 months with increasing success, for instance, as testimony to my willpower... even in Mexico's hot humitiy I was covered up to protect from the sun... I was the weirdo all in black and long sleeves and long pants with huge sunhat... nicknamed Zorro-ina, LOL. But I am well aware that this may not work for everyone... don't know of any protocol that is actually!

    I did go totally raw for six weeks, but did not get more energy... couldn't keep up with making separate meals for family and then for myself, just too much. As I said, I juice and go raw as much as possible, however.

    I HAVE done candida diet for past 22 years, mostly on it rather than off, altho I do admit I'm not perfect at it; but again I did get more energy with every day, but also I was not as badly off health-wise as now.

    But I also think that I and many others have underlying infection/s that no change in diet necessarily cures (--but obviously can help!), as we are all unique in our genetic susceptibilities...

    good example is my DH, he's always "worse" on any type of medical tests we get, but he has energy, more than even the 'normal' person, go figure.

    I do think however most of us need more than a change in diet to effect a fully recovery, just as I think abx are not the only kids on the block to kill bacteria.

    I can't tell you how glad I am to hear how well you're doing with it tho...


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    Hi John

    I was pleased to read Victoria’s comments on your first paragraph. It’s something we see too often, and though we understand the enthusiasm and well meaning behind certain beliefs regarding these DDs, opinions along these lines are both incorrect and ill judged.

    Claims for cures and effective Tx frequently contradict one another. When anyone suggest failures are the patient’s fault, not complying, they have misjudged beliefs about their illness, or they haven’t gone that extra mile, it is inappropiate and demeaning.

    When others post explaining they have tried a raw food diet and/or juicing and it did not work for them, then you should accept their word. If you have done your research you will know there are many factors that can contribute to making and keeping people ill. To endeavour to persuade those who have genuine problems with detox programmes that they must persist has the potential to cause harm. Most of us are used to this, but a few might be wrongly tempted to forge ahead regardless of the warning signs.

    Since you are a chiro I wonder if you have read Raymond Perrin’s recent research, this helps provide an explanation for blocks in lymphatic flow; the cause can be mechanical which is why problems can follow within a few years of spine/neck, head, or jaw trauma. Then there are the detox pathway issues that can be contributing to problems with toxins generally, biotoxins from pathogens, chemicals, and heavy metals; if those aren’t dealt with first any detox programme can make matters considerably worse. If both problems are present, which is not uncommon, the risks of further deterioration are significant.

    There are other issues that may have to be addressed as well before the body is further challenged by stirring up and mobilising toxins. ME/CFS, FM etc can be multi faceted illnesses. Natural remedies and dietary changes may have fewer risks than many orthodox interventions, but they still have the potential to harm for a variety of reasons.

    I am aware juicing and a raw food diet work for some, but as yet there has been no one size fits all. The only way I could make progress was by staying aware of the bigger picture. I am lucky in that I can tolerate some raw foods, but I know and accept this does not apply across the board.

    Despite expressing my concerns here I am delighted the juicing and raw food approach has worked so well for you, and that you are providing info and helpful hints here for others who might want to try this approach.

    Tansy[This Message was Edited on 12/16/2005]
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    While I respect both of your point of views, let me just say that nowhere in my post did I call into question anyone's willpower or blame their illness on the patient......I have noticed from reading months of posts on this board that many of you are over-sensitive, due to years of frustration from your illnesses.......All I said was that I am fortunate to be open minded and to have enough will power to follow the raw diet, you then took my statement and came to your own conclusions, unfairly in my opinion......

    I am not here to argue with anyone or hurt anyone's feelings, but some of you are not very open minded and seem to have the need to dissect someone's post when it does not agree with your way of thinking.......I am not going to get into that stuff on this board, I am only here to help other people, not argue over semantics or phrases that offend me........

    Moreover, I did not say that the raw diet will heal everyone, I only said it will benefit anyone who tries it, and it will, if you give it an honest try.......Doing something for 6 weeks or implementing some raw fruit will not produce the results of sticking to it for 6 months at close to 100%.......Just because you dont think it will help you does not give you the right to speak for everyone else......The raw diet will work for 99% of anyone who is willing to actually do it, and if that offends you, maybe you need to examine why that offends you........

    This will be my last word about this, I find many of you very negative and very opinionated, when you dont have the background to make such comments......I was hoping to bring some intelligence and new ideas to this board, but there seems to be the usual "know-it-alls" on this board, just like other boards......Where it is more important to be right, than to actually open your mind and learn something......Its truly sad that some of you think you can speak for everyone, but I have better things to do than to argue with dogmatic people.......... Good luck to everyone......I must move on to better things.......John
  8. Casamadre5

    Casamadre5 Member

    I think we may be going a bit conspiritorial here. Fact checking is very important in every area.
  9. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Sorry if you took my post the wrong way, didn't mean it in any way that you seemed to read it or read into it;

    oh well, unfortunately that is the difficulty of communicating on a board, one cannot read others' body language and tone of words, etc.

    Peace be with you...
  10. matthewson

    matthewson New Member

    That was a heck of a 2 day stretch! My head is still spinning! LOL Sally
  11. tansy

    tansy New Member

    for that link to an excellent web site. I think everyone should read the articles there when considering any Tx that requires a leap of faith. It gives a good insight into the possible pros and cons of a raw food diet.

    This is a message board that allows discussions, debates, and different points of view; something the majority of us appreciate. You have not stepped on my toes.

    love, Tansy
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  12. chopindog

    chopindog New Member

    I also have enjoyed your posts and have found them educational. At the same time I find victorias and Tansys posts educational and true. Kingneptune, I think that many of us have appreciated your info, and would appreciate it if you stay on the board and continue to give your veiw of things!
    This illness is evil and has many faces and many degrees of dissability, pain, depression etc. Not only from person to person, but also within one person, we have good days and bad days, good minutes and bad minutes, and from what I have read, good years and bad years!

    I am very aware that I am afraid. Afraid to hope, afraid to try one more of many new things and have it work for a while, and then BOOM! Relapse, flair, all over again. Everytime this happens, it seems to hurt more and more. For me atleast.

    But never-the-less we all need each other. We need eachothers support, experience and knowledge. So please don't leave! I don't think anyone meant anything mean to you. This illness is a very sensitive illness, and makes its victims sensitive.

    We all need to keep an open mind with eachother, and remember that without a doubt different things work for different people! But at the same time, if people just bail out because a few people have different veiws, than how are the rest of us going to get new veiws and education.

    I have only been very ill with this DD for 15 months, and I read and want to continue to read everyones experiences, and suggestions. So a can have a full rounded veiw of this illness, so I can fight it with all of the knowledge I can get! Joy
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  13. victoria

    victoria New Member

    In fact, thanks so much for the link, that was an excellent article, says it all better than I could...

    and this discussion is open to everyone anyway, the more the merrier.

    I understand someone's enthusiasm for something that has worked spectacularly for them...

    I have seen the raw diet work for some yet not for others, as well as other things such as candida diet plus desensitization to candida, HGH, etc.

    I just wish no one would take it so personally if we have a difference of opinion based on our own and others' experiences or education; disagreement just means a difference of opinion, not an arguement, at least in my opinion.

    all the best,

  14. victoria

    victoria New Member

    warts and all, since we seem to be discussing raw food a lot right now...


  15. Redwillow

    Redwillow New Member

    My problem is I always see both sides of everything. Tends to cause me a lot of conflict in my life.

    I don't know how we as a group would not become sensitive to comments about willpower and motivation. I will admit to being one person who is very sensitive to what people say and how they say it. Again from a lot of bad experiences.

    Personally I believe that the only reason I got the dx of FM was because I refused to quit pushing until I got an answer.

    Then I pushed some more to get my CPP disability when I was told by everyone, doctors included that it would never get it.

    Next I pushed until my doctor finally agreed for me to see a therapist who helped me deal with my self esteem issues, anxiety and anger.

    As for the raw foods debate, I find it fascinating. I have read a lot over the years about gluten intolerance, the paleolithic diet, and this raw food diet definitely has some interesting points.

    Now I am ready to experiment with foods and herbs.

    The amount of knowledge and research that different people on this site has shown is wonderful. There is no way that each of us could try all these different things on our own. So sharing our experiences with each other is truly a blessing!

    I truly believe that getting your food as close to the way the Mother Nature intended is the best way. Problem is that we hardly know what that is anymore.

    When someone tells me that they are 99% sure eating a certain way will fix me alarm bells tend to go off in my head. This is from past experiences and past promises. So I will continue to read with great interest everyone's opinions, and slowly experiment with what sounds right to me.

    hugs to all Marion (Redwillow)

  16. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I've always found people's needs and sensitivities differ, whether to foods or meds or whatever...

    and since I'm one of those who fall into the 1% or less of the population that gets weird reactions to drugs, I am very understanding that not everyone will get well or solve their problems doing it 'my way'!

    all the best,

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