Raw, inflammed feeling Inside........

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  1. IacheIache

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    Hi All-
    I was wondering if anyone else has these feelings.
    I have been reading thru the posts but havn't found anything posted like this.
    I usually feel this approx. two weeks before my period.....
    But since Friday, I have had it constantly.
    It's an absolutely raw, and hot inflammed feling inside.
    Almost like a super-sensitive feeling.
    More on the Achey side, than true pain, but very bothersome.
    I was thinking- I have had this to a much lesser extent before I get sick. It has been like an alarm clock in the past that I would wake up the next morning sick, somehow-
    the flu, a cold coming on ect.....
    but I don't seem to be getting anything(sick).
    I am under ALOT of stress right now, a mother-in-law visit coming Friday(once a year thing). But STRESS is not Unusual for me. I live with alot of it Everyday. So I definately don't think thats what this is.
    Anybody have any insight on this??
    Does anyone else have these "Inside feelings"?
    Any comments, truely appreciated.
    Thank You,
  2. candygirl

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    Yes I have that feeling right NOW! I am so totally sick of it I could scream! It is not a pain-as such-but a BURN!!! I am 65 and have not had a period for a long time, nor do I get sick, (flu and such). I have been to many Dr's and had MANY tests only to be told it is part of the Fibro. Fibro does affect the muscle and connective tissue not the bones so I guess this makes sense, but for it to go on day & night for week after week drives me stark raving crazy!!! What if anything helps it?? Certainly not the Oxycontin nor Percocet that I take for the Fibro. and changing my diet doesn't work either. ANYONE out there that has found help-- PLEASE pass it on to the rest of us!!! HUGS, Candygirl
  3. IacheIache

    IacheIache New Member

    Yes, I have it RIGHT NOW too!!!!
    I hate it.
    It IS A burning feeling for mee too!!!
    Well, I did also think it was a part of the fibro, I just want to get rid of it. for me it is off and on.
    This will probably certify me as crazy, but..........
    I can almost feel it when a bowel movement is moving down...
    and out?!?!?
    This is too weird, and the Oxycontinen 20 mg., I take and vicoprophen, that I take alot of, doesnt take this away.
    Maybe someone can help........???
    Hugs from ~Thea~
  4. IacheIache

    IacheIache New Member

  5. 1by1

    1by1 New Member

    yes, i have been having it more often now than i used to. i remember when i used to get it before, it felt like i had an inflammation in my middle. it felt burning inside and not like a cramp, but hard to describe to anyone else. it would last for a few days or even weeks then go away. now i have had it on and off for a few weeks, but when i got my period, it came back again. it seems to be worse with a bowel movement sometimes, but not always. it is not consistent. but the sensation is always the same. it is a burning stinging inflammable feeling inside. i think it is something to do with the colon area. i thought maybe just another symptom of ibs. but finally someone else has had the same thing. it is really annoying and a bummer. the only thing that i have found that helps is staying away from fatty or high fiber foods for awhile. but then again, sometimes it comes on for no apparent reason. hang in there. i know how you feel.
  6. asobh

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    Yes, I too have the feeling that I am coming down with the flu, and then I feel quite ill, but its not the flu. Inside is the feeling of inflamed aching and the sensation sometimes of being squeezed from the inside. I guess these are just typical symptoms of fibromyalgia. I rarely get 'sick' with colds or flus. The episodes come every 2-6 weeks, depending on my physical fitness, stress, etc. My mother-in-law left after visiting from overseas for 2 1/2 mos. and I was much relieved when she was gone, and promptly felt sick for a week! I take Ultram for pain relief, but it is still there during these times. I know that continuous exercising is key to my health. I used to get ill for 2-3 days after gardening for 2 hours. After going over a very slow and gradual hump (3 years), I am now doing cardio 5x/wk. and weightlifting 4x/wk. and this truly helps more than anything.
  7. PatPalmer

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    I have experienced this too.

    The cause is stress and the central nervous system reacting to dehydration.
    Stress is the initial trigger of illness, and induces your cells to dehydrate.

    You need to be drinking 8 glasses of water a day with a good pinch of pure unrefined Sea or Rock salt. NOT table salt.
    Pure Salt helps the body to hold liquid in place, and is also an antinflammatory too.

    Do this and within a week or maybe two it`ll ease off.

    Love Pat.

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    EZBRUZR New Member

    Good Post,I never Questioned why I feel flames inside,just figured supposed to B that way.I'm heeding PatPalmers advise,see if it will work. Hope You All find relief too. Peace,lisa
  9. IacheIache

    IacheIache New Member

    Thanks Pat, I will try your suggestions.
    I do know I need to drink more water, and I will pick up some "sea salt".
    It makes sense.