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    belated welcome to the worship board, i ment to tell you hi, awhile ago when you replied to me on a post.

    I read all of the replys on your post and you got alot of great answers and encouragement, I was going to tell you about the same thing caffey posted.

    About listening to music, I have certain CD's that the music just seems to draw me into praise and worship.

    It's hard not to feel closer to God, and peaceful when you praise and worship from you heart. It's no longer about ourselves or problems, but all about God.

    I went thur a period of feeling sooo dead to God, it scared me. Reading my bible was like dust, it didn't help so i stopped. I blamed myself, like i had moved from God.

    We are told God dosen't move, we do, and that's true we do need to look at what we are doing. What i'm trying to say, what i'm trying to get at; is i think part of our problem in this area is the DD!!!

    It leaves us feeling dead and numb inside alot. Sometimes i feel like I'm not even real anymore, so how could God be real!!

    I think this is were we have to stop blaming ourselves, and pick up what ever faith we have, and let it work a miricle in our hearts. We have to believe the truth of God's word above our feelings, and body.

    "I will never forsake you or leave you." Thank you Lord!!!
    I feel abandoned and empty, but choose to believe you,
    Thank you Jesus for your life, for ME.

    And i go to the music that draws me to him. I also start looking for ways that God shows me He loves me thur others.

    Maybe, some words of encouragement from my friends here, or some asking how i'm doing. Or a extra hug from my children. I alway think those little touches are from God.

    Sorry, i once again posted way longer than i planned.
    God Bless, and welcome
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