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    Here is my question:

    I tested high high on the antibodies against EBV and my doctor (not a CFS/FM specialist) believes that accounted for all of my problems (9 months ago). My question is do most of you believe that a re-activated EBV will CAUSE CFS/FM or do you believe that CFS will give EBV an opportunity to re-activate? I have read both opinions, just trying to learn more.
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    Which I believe is the originating cause of my downward spiral into CFS...caused me to faint, with high fever and
    was put in infirmary in college..
    bad allergies and migraines developed from there, maladsorption syndrome
    and further maladies, until my brain finally deteriorated, and, at which, I tested positive in active phase for CMV (Cytomegalovirus- a very similar mono-like illness), but was never tested for HHV-6..

    I think it can happen either way for different people...They say that the majority of people have been exposed to EBV, like the other two diseases, listed above..

    When you were tested with an active case for EBV, did they call it mono?

    Apparently, the vast majority of the population gets over mono...or never develop the disease, although, they can carry it in an inactive state..

    In our diseases, there seems to be a mutitude of factors that causes our bodies to stay in a diseased, or unwell state...unraveling that puzzle seems to be the greatest obstacle towards attaining our health..

    May we all find the keys in our particular cases,
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    First, I believe, and research is going in this direction, that our problems are genetically predisposed. Pretty much anything which stresses the immune system will trigger them. EBV can certainly do this. On the other hand, once we are sick, infections of opportunity set up housekeeping in our systems.

    I am taking Famvir right now because we now know I have a reactivated Herpes-family virus which has really made me feel awful lately. This discovery was quite accidental when I was given 10 days worth of the Famvir prior to facial surgery. I suffered a Herxheimer Effect and then went into total remission.

    I am back on the Famvir but haven't gone into remission yet. Sometimes taking an antiviral or antibiotic drug will cause the infectious agent to get worse before it gets better. It's almost like lobbing a bomb at an enemy. You can bet he will retaliate with all he's got. This can cause you to feel sicker in the short run. I believe I will continue to feel sick until the Famvir has done its work. I will pulse the medication as this seems to be more effective against infections after an initial several months on the drug.

    BTW, Plantscaper, I am still drinking my OLE tincture tea as I think every little thing helps.

    Love, Mikie
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    ...that about 95% of the population has EBV, but never develops any symptoms. I had mono in college (20+ years ago) but recovered well & didn't get FM symptoms for 17 years. Hard to know how much or little that plays into my experience with FM.....


  5. Mikie

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    You may not have had mono. Anyone who has ever been exposed to EBV will test positive for it. You didn't have to get sick for you to test positive. That's why 95 percent of the population tests positive for it; most everyone at some time has been exposed. Tests can reveal when the virus is reactivated in the body.

    My doc is not so concerned which of the viruses is reactivated in my system as long as the antiviral drug gets it back into the latent stage.

    I think the chicken and egg debate will continue until we know for sure what causes CFIDS. There are many, many triggers; we know that, but the triggers are not necessarily the cause of the illness.

    Too little is know right now and the best we can do is stagger around in the dark hoping to find things to help ourselves.

    Love, Mikie