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    Hi everybody...

    I made this same post on the 'main board' about the huge shortage of Armour thyroid, "supposedly" due to a "shortage" of dessicated thyroids (how the heck can that be! there's still pork available at supermarkets!), but there are rumors that the FDA is involved. (it wouldn't surprise me!)

    Also, Forest Pharmaceuticals, the only producer, reformulated it sometime in 2009 without telling "why" OR "how". Anyone notice a difference? My husband takes it but stocked up over Christmas when we were in the states (we retired to Mexico), so I'm guessing he has the 'old' formula.

    (BTW, as you likely already know, the ONLY place that makes Armour is Forest, altho there are 2 other RX products by other companies, Westhyroid & Naturthroid, and most I hear don't like them as well.)

    Forest refuses to talk 'live' to ANYONE whether they be media, doctors, etc. -- and if one calls, they refer you to their website where a 'pop-up' appears saying they are addressing it and are actually now making some shipments, but no other details).

    We also just talked to our pharmacist in the US as he compounds drugs... he said indeed there is a huge shortage and he was compounding it while he could still get supplies, but he can't get them anymore himself, either.

    I know a LOT of people depend on it, synthroid doesn't work for so many I know including my DH, so just trying to spread the word.

    What you can do:

    Become a fan of "SAVE NATURAL THYROID" on Facebook if you're on it (do a 'search' there),

    also join:
    "...The Save Natural Thyroid Coalition is a patient-practitioner effort to protect thyroid patients' rights to natural desiccated thyroid drugslike Armour Thyroid, Nature-Throid and .."

    And from MARY SHOMON (well known for writing about nat'l thyroid replacement etc):
    Does Forest Really Want to Save Natural Thyroid?
    "After posting about the questionable information Forest is putting out about Thyrolar, I've heard from patients who have said that maybe it's a hornet's nest, and better we just ..."

    AND maybe we should all write our senators and congress people!

    BTW, does anyone know what Thyrolar is anyway? I think it's synthetic T3 & T4, not sure.

    All the best, Victoria