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    Hi Shirl

    I had botox injections in my neck because I also have dystonia as well as CFS.

    If you have CFS, I would not recommend botox, although it may not affect you in the way it did me. I had flu like symptoms for about 1 month after every course of injections. I was so weak I could not even stand up or lift my head from the pillow. It also caused excessive muscle weakness that took years to wear off and I am still having problems now.

    I have been told that I am extremly sensitive to botox. Given what I know now, I would never have gone near the stuff. Although I know other people that have the injections regularly with no adverse affects, although they do not have CFS only Dystonia.

    Magnesium ok has helped me with muscle spasm, ice packs, plus heat pad. Feldene Gel is also very good.

    I would recommend that you ask to go see a neurologist as it sounds to me like you may have Dystonia.

    love and light cara

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