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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by WVMountaineer, Sep 25, 2002.

  1. WVMountaineer

    WVMountaineer New Member

    Hello to Everyone!!!
    I am new to this board as of five minutes ago....Just wondering if any of you have been helped with Fibromyalgia by seeing a Chiropractor. (Thanks for your response.)
  2. WVMountaineer

    WVMountaineer New Member

    Hello to Everyone!!!
    I am new to this board as of five minutes ago....Just wondering if any of you have been helped with Fibromyalgia by seeing a Chiropractor. (Thanks for your response.)
  3. ladydi

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    Just wanted to say welcome to the message board. I too have
    just started to see a Chiropractor. I was gonna post about
    too, but you already did it for me.

    I've had FM, depression, ect. for many years. I hope someone one will come along and help both of us.

    Just wanted to welcome you. This is a great place to start.
    You can also go to the top of the page to the "message site" and type in Chiropractor and do some research that way. Look forward to seeing many more of your posting.
    Stay in thouch.
    Warm Wished,

  4. Ness

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    I was going to a chiropractor weekly for about 6 months. In the beginning it seemed to help some. However, it ended up making my pain worse and I stopped going. The pain became worse especially in my neck and shoulder area.

    Everyone is different...I wish you luck.

  5. klutzo

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    Everyone is different, but for me the chiro trtmts. made me feel better for the rest of the day I had them, but then I'd wake up the next morning unable to move my neck from pain and stiffness. When I had to go get cortisone shots to move my neck again, I stopped. My Rheumy said that FMS muscles are like rubberbands pulled out almost to the point where they snap, and chiro manipulations can pull them beyond that point and cause microtraumatic tears in the muscles. In a normal person these tears would be repaired by growth hormone, but we are deficient in it, and they are not repaired nearly as quickly, hence the pain is worse. Some will disagree, so you must decide for yourself. Best wishes,
  6. garyandkim

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    this past Tuesday. He did the hold your breath and puts his arm under yours and body slames you. 2 times each side. I was in so much pain I was holding my breath and letting out slowly. He said breath and I said I am, that reakky hurt. I only have 2 more apts left till the end of the treatment regem I cancled today. I n too much spasum and pain. I did do the warm water hydrotheropy yesturday and the water helped but, the movment didn't. I will go back Fri and Mon. I am also going into another flair due to this it is getting worse.

    Good luck and welcome, Kim and Gary
  7. fibolady

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    welcome to the board and love the mountains!

    i think everyone is different with chiro help. mine has helped me when my back was out of adjustment after an accident. i went many months with terrible back pain. also accupuncture finally cleared up the scar tissue that was causing so much pain.

    but for the fms, the chiro treatments really don't help. i also had a bad experience with my neck being adjusted, (3 times in 3 days) felt like my neck was broke and could not move for 2 or 3 weeks. never went back after that. and this is a very GOOD doctor. he also tried some new stretching treatments that were just too much for me and threw me in a terrible flare. i think it is hard for doctors to know where the line is for us with this dd since everyone's tolerence is different.

    i do think you should try. without going i would still be in a lot of back pain. also, the accupuncture did not help with the fms either. i spent a fortune. just uncase you were wondering that.

    warm regards, fibolady
  8. mamacilla

    mamacilla New Member

    Hi, I am new here also. My experience with chiropractors
    has been that I feel really bad after a regular type of
    adjustment, which I have only done a few times. If you
    can find a doctor who uses an Activator, that might
    work for you. It is a spring loaded pressure device,
    no jerking around of your body. I did that for a few
    years, and stopped due to insurance. Good luck,

    NONNAB New Member

  10. sheiba

    sheiba New Member

    i think chiro's are like anyone else - there are the good and the bad. my chiro is amazing - but he's in south carolina, and i don't live there anymore. he's very, very gentle, and he NEVER pops anyone. as a matter of fact he is against popping. he says it builds up scar tissue, and the "popping" will serve no purpose. he uses an activator and some other things, as well as different methods. he is very productive in his treatments.

    as for the pain afterwards, often you will feel sore after the first few treatments b/c of the changes the doc made. it is not uncommon at all to be sore the next day or so. but, after a few treatments you start to feel better.

    there is a certain group of chiro's that practice w/the same methods as my chiro, and they have their own association, if i'm not mistaken. i would recommend him to anyone w/any problem - if he can't fix it, he'll tell you and will not go beyond his means. but he is brilliant. my mother's been carried in and walked out after treatment. i just wish he wasn't so far away from me anymore. i've been to several and not found one that even came close to him. i, like many of you, do not care for the popping and get real nervous when they want to do it to my neck. my chiro is the 2nd chiro that's told me not to let anyone pop you.

    i hope that those of you being treated by one are having success. actually, i hope everyone is having some sort of success w/their FM! :-D
  11. WVMountaineer

    WVMountaineer New Member

    Hello again....Thanks for your responses. I appreciate your feedback on this. I only wanted an opinion--I am not going to see one but was just wondering what some of you might have experienced. I certainly would not want to have more "aches" for sure. The doctor I used to go to gave me injections about every 10 days for the pain which really helped much and after getting about 3 or 4 injections I kept me pretty much pain free for about six months. He is now retired and you know doctors have their own way about treating you. I even took my records to show them what he was giving me but you know they all think their method is "best". The injection was a combination of Vitamin B12, B6, and Depromedrol which is a synthetic steroid. All I know is it helped.
  12. meandyou

    meandyou New Member

    I went to one for years for an auto accident and it helped,but than I became very sick from what the dr's thought was the flu and I never did get better . That was 12 years ago. I went to the chiropractor and he damn near paralized me. I to this day can't turn my neck to the left and it's been 12 yrs. I don't recommend going ,try some moist heat instead and take your meds,it will help you better. I also use ice packs when it's inflammed . I hope this can help someone else avoid harm from these physical therpist with the MD license. Take care and have a good day.

  13. EllenComstock

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    I've been seeing a chiropractor for a couple of years. My fibromyalgia pain started in my neck and knee area and I thought a chiropractor might help. This summer I was finally diagnosed with FMS, but I still see the chiropractor. I'm not sure if it's helping or not, but it doesn't seem to be hurting any. Although in the reading from FMS that I have done so far, it says that manual adjustments for people with fibromyalgia are a definite no-no. It's just too rough. For us, only the adjustments with an instrument called an activator can be done.

  14. WVMountaineer

    WVMountaineer New Member

    Again...thanks. Your responses have more or less clarified what I already believed. Another thing that concerns me is if you are taking certain meds for anything else...their goal is to get you off of them. I am not sure if that is a wise approach if you are suffering from things other than fibromyalgia. I also have wondered why MD's didn't recommend you seeing one for pain, etc. etc.
  15. xomaryxo

    xomaryxo New Member

    Hi, just wanted toput my two cents in about Chiropractors. I took my daughter to a Chiro friend because my daughter was having double vision, vertigo, weakness, dizziness and the neurologists and neuro-opthalmalagis after much testing could not find what was wrong. My friend suggested I bring her in to him and he found she had a misplaced atlas. She had the double vision constant for two weeks but after he adjusted her her vision became single within 5 minutes. I was amazed at what I learned about the spine and nerves and started seeing him myself. He is the one who found out I have EBV/CFS. As with every profession - there are some who are not so good but then there are some who are very good. I am fortunate to have a great one!!
  16. Wuame

    Wuame New Member

    There are good & bad chiros as with any doctors, not just in general, but for a particular condition, person, or time. Becuz it does depend on the individual, their condition, and how they are at a given time even. At least thats what I've found.

    I've been getting excellent massage therapy on & off (more on lately) for about a year. My masseuse referred me to a chiro in the same complimentary healing arts medical group she's in, same office complex. He is more into holistic healing and much more gentle than the stereotypical chiro who breaks your back then twists your neck off! A lot of what he does is like certain forms of massage, like Thai, which my masseuse does sometimes. So there is crossover and it is complimentary and they do work together.

    For me it works best when I get loosened up with a good massage then go see the chiro, this is what they recommended for me anyway.

    I'm not miraculously better or anything but it does help quite a bit.


  17. JP

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    I have gone to Chiropractors for my back injuries (sports, auto accidents). They have been great with helping me through an acute stage. They all have different modalities and skills...just as diverse as the rest of the population.

    My FM and other conditions become worse if I go now. I even get a major flare with massage now. I am a skilled masseuse with over 20 years experience and I know the value of touch. I still indulge on occasion and I pay dearly. I am able to get some temporary relief with Reiki and the next morning is back to the usual yuck.

    Take care,
  18. BethM

    BethM New Member

    thank you all for the reminder, though. my insurance will cover chiro care, and maybe I can find one with a massage therapist in his office, and do an end run around the insurance idiots for massage therapy!! Ha!

  19. Rhonda1549

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    Welcome to the board. I have tried chiropractors and they help me all of 2 hours tops. After that I go right back to the pain. I know that some people are helped though.
  20. JeannieS

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    I went to a chiropractor about 3 years ago and he did help some with the tingling and numbness in my arm BUT I found out later I also had TMJ which was made much worse with the adjustments he gave me. My face would feel numb, so I quit going. It was after that I was diagnosed with TMJ. If anyone has TMJ, I would strongly recommend they NOT have adjustments. Check with the TMJ dentist first.