re diagnosed with spms

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    guess not knowing all those years wasn't a good thing. But truthfully I 've lived with the ups and downs for so many years It really doesn't matter . Spms is secondary progressive ms.
    meaning that I still have relapses but they happens often with very little to no remitting in between just a progressive slow disability .

    Now would the shots or drugs changed this outcome?
    probably not other than to "maybe " slow it down.

    Well this kill me?
    NO! SPMS is not the killin kind ,just the life changing kind.

    Am I ticked off : Yes but I'll get over it.
    My next ride has a joy stick (power chair)so maybe if I can hook it up to some games I can have a nice ride.
    If anyone wants to know more about MS I'll be happy to try and answer any questions . =)
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