RE: Digestive Enzymes-Which are the best?

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    Ok, I see the importance of such according to your two articles..but I am a little confused, if not alot..I was placed on just Betaine Hydrochloride w/pepsin, 600 mg a while back due to "Maladsorption Syndrome"..and it has just l0 mg of papain and l0 mg of Bromelain. Can you tell me the difference between that and what you are saying? Is Jarrow with protease and lipase available, here, at ProHealth and does it include the Betaine Hydrochloride which is for the acid level, right? And what is it that you use between meals to clean the bloodstream AND where do I get that? The "amino acid blend" was referred to in your article to help the body make more that like the whey protein which we probably can't take due to arginine? Sorry about all the questions..but I just want to do this right... LOL, AMELIA
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    Bump..I would like to know too. Wanda
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    I started using digestive enzymes made by Enzymatic Therapies, a high quality and reputable brand, but every time I took one with a meal, it gave me heartburn and indigestion. I stopped using them and gave them to my sister. I am having good results with a probiotic made by Garden of Life, however.

    So, any ideas why the enzymes were so reactive in such a painful way for me?

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    THANKS FOR all the good suggestions which I AM recording in my notebook for posterity..So, I'm assuming that brands don't make a difference to Jelly, just the contents which I will be looking for..I have had problems with the Betaine Hydrochloride hurting my stomach if I take more than 2-3, the doc said to take 6 based on my lack of others see recognizable food in their BM, especially corn/beans..A question: Memorylane-Dr. Kerry's info sounds interesting and I have had experience with black particles and wondered what the heck it was..Is he on this website? I appreciate all your responses and helpful suggestions and I will be living at the health food store in the future..I am getting real interested in olive leaf extract, too, and wonder how many people have tried that and feel like it may be real effective against alot of our problems... LOL, AMELIA
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