RE: Dog passed away... Do you believe in after life signs?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Kimba4318, Jan 24, 2007.

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    Please do not think I am strange but I was devestated posting about our dog Max having cancer and had to be put to sleep yesterday. My parents have another puppy(another golden that they brought home a few weeks ago), named Jake.

    Anyway... Dad took a walk in the woods behind the house last night, where Max loved to play. After a few minutes dad saw a Blue light that passed in and out of the trees and moved thru the woods. He thought he was crazy, but looked down at little Jake and he seemed to see it too. Jake stopped dead in his tracks and followed the light with his eyes. Dad realized that he was not the only one that was seeing this light.

    He was hesitant to tell me this morning and I told him I had heard about "ORBS" in the past & it may have been Max's spirit telling us he was okay. Anyway, when I looked up Blue orbs, I found all kinds of stuff on spirits and even dog spirits that had a close connection with their owners and wanted them to know they were okay and still "here".

    I may be crazy but I found so much comfort in this, wether or not I am nuts. It is just so strange that dad hesitantly called me, and did not want to sound crazy. I instantly pulled up Dog signs, etc. from the internet, describing the "blue orb" and their after life.

    Whatever it is, we are taking comfort that he wants us to stop crying and tell us he is still here and at peace.

    Anyone else ever heard of this kind of thing?

  2. Greenbean7

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    I've not heard of it, but it wouldn't surprise me to find that others have. Just like the people we love, the animals we love are never really gone.

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    I have experienced something odd, following the death of a 4 month old Shar Pei puppy, named Buddah. She was my baby, and had MANY health problems, which resulted in her needing an early spay, at 4 months. My baby Buddah died, during the night following surgery. We were all distraught. Had an autopsy done by another vet, then had him cremate her and return the ashes to us.

    The original vet where she died, also had a Pet Cemetary next to it, but was not affiliated with the Vet practice. This vet is about 10 miles from my home. The first time driving by it, was sad, and of course I took notice of where I was, AND right at that moment, my "CHECK ENGINE" light came on. Stayed on for a minute or two, and went out. On the way home, SAME PLACE, "CHECK ENGINE" light comes on IN FRONT OF THE VETS. WEIRD. Several days or weeks of driving, and no "Check "Engine" light. One day I am driving down there, and I wonder if it will come on, SURE ENOUGH, the CHECK ENGINE light came on IN FRONT OF THE VET. It proceeded to do this for maybe 10 trips past that vet over a period of several months. That was 10 YEARS ago, and I still to this day, think of that EVERY TIME I go by there. But no more lights.

    Interestingly, we got Ellie, my most loved dog of all time, a few months after Buddahs' death. Maybe that's why she stopped sending messages. Ellie was my girl, and sadly she just died in Oct from Liver and Kidney failure. The week before she died, her vet also diagnosed her with Lymphosarcoma, as she developed hundred of tumors on her one leg. I loved her so much, we had a VERY SPECIAL bond. I couldn't put her down and lovingly provided hospice care for her until the end. She died in my livingroom. We brought her for cremation later that day and had her ashes returned to us. I've always expected some kind of sign from her (or God) but have had nothing.

    So, yes, I believe either MAX or GOD is giving a sign to your Dad.

    And again, my deepest sympathy on the loss of your precious friend MAX.
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    YOur right Greenbean7.. thank you again!

    Elliespad: Thank you again.. so much. I do believe it, and even if it just makes us feel better, I feel it was what was needed. I wrote to you a few weeks back on another post, but I do not think you got it. I had a sweet sweet Sharpei when I was younger. Her name was Sadi, she had thyroid & liver problems and eventually had to be put to sleep. I loved her so much too. I really feel for you in your loss too.

    I think they do try to tell us they are okay. That is so weird about the engine light.. I think that was a big sign too! I know you understand..thanks for everything. I had to tell my 7 yr. old last night and he was still tearing up today. He said he did not give Max enough attention last weekend when he saw him. I assured him he did and he was so loved. We will get thru... bit like you know, we never forget, which is okay too. Big Hugs...

    jinlee: Thank you too... Wow, that little "bugger" was trying to tell you something. That was cute. Leave it to the kids to scramble out the door in a rush :). The poem is called Rainbows Bridge. It is such a sweet poem. Glad you can get hugs from "Kit" through your other kitty friend.. that is very sweet!! My parents bought another Golden a few weeks ago and Max seemed to have already taught him so much in such a short time. Little puppy Jake was very mopey today, so mom was a little worried about him. I know he will be fine... but he is sort of wondering what is going on. I guess he is sensing the depression too, on top of the loss of his new friend.

    Thank you for al of the support, I really do feel it and have been passing your messages on to my mom, dad and brother. It is comforting to them as well.


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    See guys!!! I told you there were spirits that visit. Sometimes I think only certain people experience them, I don't think everyone has experiences with afterlife spirits.

    PS: kimba- I do not think you are strange. Things like you have explained really do happen.

  6. elliespad

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    I bet your Sadi was a doll. All my life I loved Shar Pei, always wanted one. Buddah was my first one (black horsecoat), then Ellie (fawn/sable brushcoat), and we kept Mitie Me from Ellies' first litter (fawn horsecoat). She will be 7 in July. I love her too, but not the connection I had with Ellie. Mitie Me is more a DOG. Now that Ellie's gone, I can't even get excited about Shar Pei stuff, like Greeting Cards, or pens, or posters. Just doesn't make me happy like it used to. So thank you for your kind words. It still hurts, a lot. I still cry for her frequently, but that's okay, she was WAY MORE than a dog. I know you understand, after all, you had Max.

    Afterthought, I just realized you are in Maryland. Every year we spend summers in Ocean City, and each year we see a woman who breeds Shar Pei. She usually comes camping while doing a show circuit. She actually has Shar Pei from my same breeder in New York. I actually RECOGNIZED 2 of her dogs as looking enough like mine to be related, and THEY WERE. AND, get this, my breeder also breed Golden Retrievers. The kennel name is Trialfast. If your Max came from her kennel, that would be too much. That just came to me and had to add it.
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  7. hugs4evry1

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    Personally for me......I'd say, "who cares" what others think.

    Your dad saw it, spoke to you about it and you both found comfort in it.

    That's enough for me...although I haven't heard about this before.

    I am so sorry for your loss....


    Nancy B