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    I am quoting directly from Anne Louise's mother's email re her research that is to be shown:

    ...this mysterious complex regional pain syndrome (also known as causalgia) which plagues people with intolerable chronic pain that may spread to involve even larger parts of the body.(this is what could be happening with FM). She has found(in her research labs.)that it starts as a localised partial injury to a peripheral nerve that carries pain fibers to the spinal cord (and brain) and has reproduced many of its symptoms in rats with small controlled lesions of peripheral nerves. NIH although not yet funding(!!!!) seem genuinely interested in her proposal. (She is trying to get funding directly from them)
    It seems as if they are going to show her research and labs etc directly on the NBC Nightly News Program but also there is more info in I think last month's or month before issue of New Yorker(avail at library)by someone writing about Pain Syndromes.

    I am interested per se because I sometimes think my pain releases in one place somewhat and immediately settles in another location(neck starts to feel better then legs hurt more etc. I hear this from others too. The main thing is that because NBC are picking this up, actually sought her out, maybe Oprah or someone will next, and do something credible one hopes to let the world know.....the PAIN IS REAL.

  2. laura81655

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    I thought this was a newer name for RSD - Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. I know that RSD is similar to FM.
    Hope to learn something from this.
    I don't understand why shows like "Oprah" will not do something on chronic pain.


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