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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gala, Dec 22, 2002.

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    Dear Jelly Belly... Thank you for your reply. You sound upbeat for someone who has gone through so much. I hope I can fight this DD as you have been. I think because I am bedridden or on the couch most of the time, I assume the next step is a wheelchair and a cane. I did have to use a wheelchair when I had my MRI last week. It was way too far for me to walk. I felt terrible sitting in that chair. I guess I am in denial. I just read a message from someone else who is in a wheelchair at times. It scares me. I want to walk and go to the stores again. I'm 58yrs old this spring so I don't have alot of time to get to where you are. My doctor is weaning me off of my antidepressent(Remeron) thinking it might add to my nausea. It is the only anitdepressant I could take. Now I don't know what I will do (I do have very negative thoughts that scare me). If you can recall what really helped you please tell me. I need help......Gagla
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    welcome. Please tell the Dr about your thoughts. It is normal to feel emo. worse coming off a med.. the body needs to adjust. But if your thoughts are really scaring you then call your MD at once.

    Love & Prayers, Selma
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    First of all, I agree with the recommendation to talk to your doc about how you are feeling. Are you in counseling? If not, it might be helpful to you as you learn to accept and live with your health issues.

    One thing that was helpful to me, besides this board, was a self help course I took on the internet. It is for people who have CFS and/or FM, despite the name of the website. I found it to be extremely helpful and it taught me some things to do to help myself feel better and to accept my limitations. You can find the website by typing cfidsselfhelp and then add dot org.

    A year ago I was recently dx'd and had visions of improving my health so I would be able to go back to my job as a teacher by now. I think I was in a bit of denial about how ill I really was. Only now, as I look back at it do I realize how poor my health became as I searched and searched for someone who was willing to treat me for CFS and FM.

    Last summer, with the complete support of my doc, I filed for SSDI and disability retirement. It was a big step, but by then I knew that teaching full-time was not a realistic possibility for me. I am finding other ways to continue to teach people, just in different venues.

    Last fall I purchased an battery powered scooter and it has been one of the most freeing things I have done for myself. I am no longer limited to shopping only at store that provide their own electric carts. Now I can go just about anywhere I want. I am limited only by my energy.

    I'm still learning to adapt to my new life, but I think I'm over the hump. I wish luck in your journey with these DD's.


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    Dear Teach6(?)... You wrote about your scotter. I am sure I am still in denial but I do know of 3 people around here that have healed and are driving and taking short walks. I was just hoping I would be like one of them. I suspect I am not. My husband keeps telling me that I will heal and just give myself alot of time. It is so hard on him. I will look up that web site you were talking about. Thank you for your reply.....Gala
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    Dear Selma....Thank you for your message. I do have very negative a dangerous thoughts at times and my doctor knows about it. He does not know what to put me on because I can't take antidepressents. I have tried them all. I keep telling myself that I am in God's hands and he will take care of me, but it is so easy to say when I'm not feeling like road kill. Bless your heart......Gala