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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TerriM, Mar 28, 2003.

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    Hi Everyone! I posted another message about disability (which I am not receiving . . . have had no income for over a year . . . have a lawyer working on that one).

    For 18 months I have been eligible for COBRA health insurance from my former company. My disability case is dragging out and this summer I lose my health insurance. I am currently with Blue Cross Blue Shield and don't want to lose my doctors. I am still very ill and definitely don't have income to pay for all of my health care. Any advice on getting health care if it is close to running out? I don't want to be turned down for pre-existing condition. My husband is on my plan because he has a tiny business & mine was cheaper years ago. I was thinking that if he started a plan for his employees I might get grandfathered in as his spouse???? Its going to be very expensive. Just wanted to know if others are facing this and any advice you may have . . . hugs to all . . . Terri
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    If your husband has a business that has even one employee, he can offer health insurance to his employees under a group plan (and yes, you should be included as his spouse). Under a group plan, your pre-existing conditions don't matter, you have to get coverage. In many states, BC & BS take small companies like your husband's & band them together into a larger "company" so that the rates are more affordable. BC & BS does vary widely from state to state so check into their regulations in your state, but this sounds like a good possible solution......check into it!

    Good luck,
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    Also, check with your COBRA plan to see if you qualify for any extensions due to your disability. I know that my mom just qualified for extended COBRA coverage on my dad's plan since he passed away and she is disabled. They are giving her 3 years of coverage.

    read my post about fighting for coverage under your company's group plan.

    take care,
    Pam J
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    If you are currently getting COBRA, once it runs out you will be eligible for HIPPA. It is expensive. I think over $400 per month. If you are getting COBRA now you should receive a notice about HIPPA at some point before it ends. I am currently charging HIPPA on my charge card because I can't afford it but am scared to death of losing all insurance. Just trying to buy some time I guess. I hope this information is helpful to you.
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    Yes, if your husband has an employee plan, it will be a guaranteed issue and there will be no pre-existing conditions. Some states allow for "groups of one," which is how I keep my insurance.

    HIPPA plans are usually expensive, but they will cover you. The thing is that you need to be investigating it now if you plan to use a state-mandated plan.

    If your husband puts in an employee plan, he needs to be looking at plans now.

    Love, Mikie
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    the same boat. My COBRA runs out in June, if I go on my husband's insurance then I can't go to my doctors, whom are very good. My Blue Cross has a Portability clause, and I would think yours would too. It is more expensive but at least you would get to keep all your own doctors. As far as the extension of COBRA goes, if you are found to be disabled by SSD before it runs out then it could be extended by another eleven months. But, you have to have been determined disabled within 60 days from the date you started the COBRA. So, if SSD rules in your favor and the date you filed was before the sixty days were up you would qualify for that extension. The only time COBRA goes for 36 months is if a divorce or maybe a death are the reasons you lost your insurance coverage. How far along are you in the SS filing? Could it be possible they will reach a decision before your COBRA runs out?