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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 2sic2mooov, Nov 20, 2008.

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    changed since I had first test 7 plus years ago and one test done this spring. First was considered borderline. (If I remember was at 1.19? and a positive was 1.20?) Now I thinks the range is that a 1.0 or over is positive and my result came back as .60? If this were all true, the original test result would NOW be considered positve for lyme with the range changes. Can anyone straighten this out for me. My husband is convinced that this is what really ails me.

    I don't remember having a bulls eye rash but do rememeber having a nasty rash on my ankle after gardening that August when I started getting sick. They attributed the symptoms then to thryroid, bc a growth on thryroid started growing quickly, even though thyroid tests were normal. Then 2 months after thyroid surgery I got the killer flu and they associated all symptoms with post viral syndrome. I wonder, does the lyme bacteria target the thyroid? And of course it "lives" in the bloodstream I have heard it can HIDE anywhere. Even in sperm and those body fluids?
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    and rashes can be very atypical or not even appear (my son never had one, and he was CDC+ twice).

    I'm not sure which test you had, but obviously it wasn't a Western Blot. This is the only one that's worthwhile (and iGenex labs has the best reliability of all the labs). - the so-called 'screening tests' of Elisa & PCR at NOT reliable. While IGenex has the best reliability rate of all the labs doing the WB, it's only about 70% reliable.

    So it's important to remember that even the CDC says it should be a 'clinical diagnosis' - their 5 bands that they require for 'tracking purposes' does NOT mean that one needs all 5 for a diagnoses.

    You might check the lyme board here... there are lots of good links and information there for you to follow up on and learn more about lyme (and the other infections ticks transmit including mycoplasma, often discussed in reference to CF/FM) .... and also how to find a good LLMD (lyme literate MD).

    And yes, it can hide intracellularly/inside your tissue cells, even inside your white blood cells! -- it can also pass the blood-brain barrier, and also form 'cysts' to protect themselves if one is taking abx. A person can even be asymptomatic for years, before something happens that causes it to flourish and wreak havoc.

    Hope that helps, and I really hope you take time to investigate it as more and more people are finding they have it &/or other tick infections... and of course if you're fighting one or more diseases, opportunistic infections can also take hold, like viruses. Again, not everyone here has lyme, but it IS the #1 vector-born disease in the US.

    all the best,

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    I just asked my husband to get tested, and my doctor says that's a good idea. If he has it, I wouldn't be getting infected now, because I'm under treatment. If he has it, he will be treated too, so we won't be passing it back and forth.

    Both of them doubt he has lyme, tho, because he is so very healthy.
  4. victoria

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    Some who are Asymptomatic have been found to be positive... and again even tho IGenex is pretty good, reliability of the tests are not great.

    If he's negative, he just needs to be aware of the possibility down the road. From what I've read, it's hard to know if it can be transmitted directly to others or if it tends to appear in clusters because a family would normally be exposed to the same vectors ... nobody knows absolutely for sure.

    And some of us just seem to have the capability of fighting certain things off regardless... like Typhoid Mary, remember her?

    all the best,

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