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    I went to the adult PRC many months ago and was very disappointed! I enrolled "opiate-free", but still had to sit through classes designed for those who were still on them. It's a very long 3 week program (actually 4 weeks, if you include their enormous amount of paperwork required). You sit in classrooms 7 hours a day, with only 1 hour of PT per day. Much of the regimented classroom "learning" is repetitious and the entire program is NOT flexible at all.

    In many of the classes, folks are encouraged to "unload" about their pain problems, which is a downer and causes more stress. The staff is very nice, but behind their ears, you hear nearly all of the patients complaining about their pain and desire to go back on their medications.

    During the 3 weeks I was there, 6 people dropped out and many others cut classes entirely! The paperwork they hand out is relentless (one of their manuals weighs 18 pounds, try checking that into your baggage, most folks just left their manual there). They don't want you to take anything for your pain, not even an aspirin (ridiculous). The entire program's solution to ending your pain is: deep breathing and relaxation. The hotels cost anywhere from $1,500 & up, plus you'll spend money for food, transportation, etc. No bus service on sundays (it's quite boring there). I would NOT recommend this to anyone, it was a complete "expensive" waste of time!
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