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    hi sharron , hi all , I'm brand new here and am a very slow typer , + please excuse my grammer and spelling , sometimes , I loved the post (my name is fibromyalgia ) this fit me to a tee , and is so , soooo , true . Let me tell you a bit about my history , and why i'm here !
    I work in construction and have allways abused my body. my make up is always give it 110% ,
    everyday (go,go,go,) well back in my early 20's I hurt my back lifting heavy object , terrible excruciating pain (like a dagger thru my back ) I was in tears , couldn't work for about 2 weeks.
    This type of injury continued all thru my 20's and at increasing intensity and more andmore often
    (I still have these today) All through my twenties and thirties I suffered with pain , but had to work out of necessity . My family doctor at that time , did not know what was wrong with me , an told me i was just depressed , gave me muscles relaxents , and antidepresents . I really didn't think he knew or cared for me and my well being much , so i moved on , I did the whole chiropractic thing ( 3 times a week for 3 years ) thank you insurance ! it may have helped at first but I think they just wanted me to go forever (for the money ) I was just a number in their assembly line . Since , I have been to many many doctors , and taken all the recomended drugs and therapies (including accupunture ) to no avail .I truly believe I have been misdiagnosed or undiagnosed my whole life . I now have lived 30 some years with chronic pain , and quite often accute pain , if I do some stupid lifting or twisting motion , (by the way , I have caused this type of pain-injury , by doing things as simple as picking up a shoe or getting in or out of a vehicle ! )I have never sleep well , tried a bunch of different beds , I have also had many days where I have been unable to get out of bed (just because i slept wrong) I would have to roll out of bed and crawl to the bathroom , in excrutiating pain and tears. You know how you feel when you have the flu ? (but without the nausea) ? thats how I feel every day , like i got run over by a truck ! I'm older now and have still not found a dr. to help me ( in Toledo Ohio ),and am in desperate need of anyone knowing a good doctor for this disorder . The closest thing to what I would call a correct diagnoses , came a couple years ago , at the toledo clinic , mps (myofacial pain syndrome). I took the fibromyalgia test (elsewhere) and was negative ( though I believe this could be what I have ). recently I have had injections , and epidural nerve blocks (several, with little effect) for my 30 year bout with siatica . I truly believe I have some sort of deficiancy or nerve disorder , but have still gone undiagnosed. I'm still working (out of necessity)I can only do a very limetted number of task,
    but I believe I have to keep going , (sitting around,or laying just makes me worse ). I have been advised by some family and friends to apply for disability , which I did , and was denied
    (my 3 current doctors reported that I was fine , and it's all in my head , (actually its all in my body) . I really would like to hear from others on here (with similar problems and conditions ) and to locate a good dr. (in or near Toledo)maybe with a sympathetic ear who is really willing to listen an not talk so much , I have always felt we are just a number and dr's offices are just assembly lines, to see how many people they can run thru in a day . (it's all about the money)
    most of the time I wait 1/2 to forty five minutes , often longer , to have the dr come in to tell me a few things and ask if i need more pills, on average i would say i get 3 to five minutes with the doctor. I'm not looking for sympathy , or a pitty party, but would love to find a good doctor , and maybe finally get some quality care and help . God bless all
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    I responded to your other post on the Health Board to the person applying for Social Security Disability (SSD). Please read that.

    What I wanted to tell you is that I applied for SSD when I was 51. I am a female who had tortured my back for most of my life. My then mother-in-law had a big tree stump and wanted it dug out and my then husband couldn't do it and wanted me to do it. Trying to help family, I did. It took me most of the day, but I got it out and my back was so back I was in bed for the rest of the weekend at my mother-in-laws. Before that I had a fall on ice and hurt my back then. I divorced and as a single mother I carried things too heavy and did way too much.

    I had continued trouble with my back all my life with herniated discs. My job had me in a suit and high heels and at times having to get many notebooks and bring them to the conference room for the meeting with my boss, me and clients. They had no carts on wheels, and it just hurt my back so bad carrying that stuff. I found myself lowering my heel height so they were about an inch high and I looked professional, but not in flats shoes that my employers might object to.

    At around my late 40's I had a back operation when I had trouble walking and even walking with a cane was getting hard to do. I had an MRI and returned to the orthopedic surgeon and that day I was having urination problems--I was put into emergency surgery as the MRI showed the nerves being impacted by the spinal bones and urination was a symptom of that and it had to be remedied on emergency and other back surgery had to be done at the same time. I had a diskectomy and a laminectomy.

    Then I fell and broke the L-1 and was paralyzed from just below the chest down for 3 days in the hospital and the paralysis went away suddenly, but I was in the hospital for a whole week learning to walk with a walker. I was released with a walker and immediately returned to work not wanting to lose my job. The pain was incredible and I just couldn't work. I then went in for SSD.

    SSD turned me down saying I needed no medical equipment to ambulate--and that was against all the medical reports. I got an attorney, who turned it over to his secretary and she was incorrectly answering questions that only an attorney was supposed to answer. I won my SSD case, but I had a lot to do with that win and the attorney did not take his full amount of money due to him (I believe because I confronted him before by certified mail before the win about the problems with his secretary acting as attorney and what I doing), and he returned some of his money to me. I'm currently in an electric scooter and it has made it easier for me, but there is still pain that I deal with through pain management techniques at home, and I'm nowhere near able to keep my place clean and running vacuums is a killer.

    What I did was I kept medical records of my back problems and included copies of them with my SSD application. This was proof that my back problem was not just a problem that cropped up to get disability--but instead was a long-term problem that was getting worse. SSD tells you they don't want all that back medical info, but ignore them because those old records are definitely considered and is your proof to them that you had this problem long before you decided to apply for disability.

    After reading my other post to you on the other thread on this Health Board, think about if you might consider trying again for SSD. It's just a thought and I want you to consider all I have said. Your back problems are not much different from mine in that they developed over a long period of time and involved considerable pain, doctor's visits and inability to do employment and probably inability to do things around the home. Take care and many hugs. P.S. I contacted places to donate my body to science when I die, and they don't take bodies that are have the bone problems that you and I have, and all the other stuff (I now have lupus, severe migraines, etc.)--the bodies donated have to be in great shape and without illness!!!!

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    thanks for your input , I am new to this annd did not know how this whole thing (web site works) , yes if you know how and could move my post over to fm community , I would appreciate it , or if I knew how i would do it , thanks