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    dear glitter girl
    just read your post and I can relate. at the risk of sounding like my grandmother. join a church, join the newcomers club. I liked that one so much in one community I became the chairman of it. join different charity and civic organizations you can pick and choose later. I don't know what schnechtidy is like. Birmingham AL is murder on new comers. If you haven't been here for 6 generations well who are you? if you know how that is. I'm still plugging away after 10 years here. good luck. ps sports can be good. one of my newer friends took up golf and just talked me into it. anyplace that has people gathering for a purpose is a way to meet. I promise I understand how hard it is. I am an introvert by nature and I suffer from depression and anxiety. PS are you married? do you have kids? good luck god bless and post again. let us know how you are doing.