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    hi everyone sorry this has taken so long, I am seeing Dr George Steffanos (spelling?) He is on the corner of rt 259 and rt 31 in spencerport. He is taking new patients and he does take medicaid! I am visiting my dad in florida and he even wrote my controls (clonazapam, abien, hydroc/apap 10/350) as if i were taking 4 a day so that i would have enough meds for my trip. he is very easy to talk to. on the front desk he has for the taking, a pain diary, and handouts about pain meds, cronic illnes, ect.
    I am very pleased so far.
    again..sorry for the delay, this is the first time i have had acsess to a computer. 3 more weeks in the sun and then i will be coming back to join you in the COLD!
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    That's wonderful news for you

    Having a good Dr. helps relieve your stress. I'm seeing a new one this Wed., I'm not going to hold my breath.

    Make sure you "hold on tightly" to this doc.

    Hugs, Shannon