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    Carla - Thanks so much that article was so interesting! For some reason I tried to reply on that post and it wasn't letting me?? Anyway, I found this article very interesting be shortly after I became sick I was sent to a Neurologist to rule out MS (as many of us seem to be). He told me that after surgery (that is when my illness occurred) and this is probably true after an accident/other traumatic experience, our breathing patterns change which causes a slight change in the blood pH . . . he told me that is why many people become ill after surgery. He wasn't exactly addressing Chronic Fatigue illnesses, but it fits right in with this article. He is actually the dr. who gave me Elavil by chance which improved my health for quite awhile. He said taking something like Elavil for sleep would help me get restorative sleep, plus relax me and bring my breathing back to normal. He said this breathing change can be almost imperceptible (not out and out hyperventilating) . . . could be one extra breath per minute. Could the beginnings of our illnesses possibly be attributed to this (and then we are susceptible to different viruses/mycoplasmas/etc.?? Terri