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  1. Honey45

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    Hi to everyone! I'm brand new to I really like this site. Please pray that I won't have a major FMS flare. I need to stay healthy teaching 2nd graders. Prayer is what has gotten me through this ordeal of living with FMS. One and half years ago I was hospitalized with severe pain and had to take the second half of the school year off due to FMS. I'm always fearful of another major flare-up! I also have a torn rotator cuff which is causing me much pain. BOO! HOO! Please say a little prayer for this Louisiana gal. Please reply.

    Thanks, ((((((hugs to you all))))))

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  2. fivesue

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    You need strength! I pray you will be able to handle the demands of your job and have energy left over.

    The school year is approaching...extra prayers for your preparation time.

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    Thanks for your prayers. We started school last week. I have 24 students and 1 no-show, if that student comes I'll have 25 in all! Keep praying!

    Bless you,

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    I thought I replied but don't see my post. Please include my prayers. I think second grade was the most demanding level to teach of all, past being babies, but not old enough to follow instructions well.

    Please try and hang in there as best you can.
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    to stay healthy all your life and continue teaching the lil tots!

    God Bless
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    Thanks for your reply. Yes, we have air conditioning

    in our schools. When I was in high school (grad. 1979) we didn't. It was miserable! I don't know how I did it! Thanks for your prayers and welcoming me to this web site.

    Honey45 ((((hugs))))
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    Thanks to all of you for your prayers. It's so nice to be welcomed into a community of believers. I have a good class, but they are extremely social! Keep praying, please!

    Honey45 (((((hugs to all of you)))))
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