Re: Publicity - 'How To Live With The Pain That Won't go Away'

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    You really need to read this and it is online. There is an article in Woman's Day Magazine issue of February 2003. It is very thorough, from well known, reliable sources, and concise. It isn't so long that no one will read it. Everyone I have given it to has been glad to finally get an answer to "What is Fibromyalgia"

    It is online and you can find it by searching Woman's Day Magazine + Fibromyalgia. There is more than one article on FM there. The one you want is titled "How to live with the pain that won't go away".

    I don't know what Copyright issues there would be in sending it out in mass. But, you can certainly give it to Family and Friends and you will probably learn from it as well. It absolutely validates us and our right to effective pain meds.
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    My Mom emailed me discouraged by the nasty and stupid article in Elle ... and I emailed her back with this article. Awareness is spreading, slowly but surely. :)
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    Just bumping this post up again. This article is so good, I wish everyone could see it.
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    Fantastic article. Thank you!!!
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    This board moves so fast that I am going to keep bumping this for awhile hoping more people will know about it and take the opportunity to read it. Woman's Day Magazine ends up in millions of homes and this article is pro - sufferers. There is a feature on the site where you can e-mail the entire article to as many as you like.