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    The phrasing of peteymocha about 'list of symptoms, how bad pain, and what it feels like' will invite us all to forget to give our OBJECTIVE TEST RESULTS about what's wrong with us, and that in turn will increase chances that the presentation can get the 'it's all in our head' angle. (In fact, I find it dubious that we are not asked about what's physically wrong with us.)

    So I ask you (beg you), to add in your testresults (e.g. far below normal lymphocytes, no/hardly any human growth hormone, low blood pressure, HHV6 or EBV reactivation, sleep study results, insulin resistance, hypercoagulation, funnily shaped red blood cells, low IGF1, bacterial/parasitical/fungal intestinal infections, bacterial/parasitical/fungal systemic infections, malfunctional liver, MRI white spots or lesions, QEEG showing severerly abnormal brain wave pattern, whatever is out of the normal range, do add it. PLEASE! it's in all our interest.


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    I know that many don't have the positive test results but many do and we need to emphasize that as well. Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, it's the only proof we have and actually helps people to understand even those who don't test positive. Thanks for your thoughts.