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    Out of the last 168 hrs (one week), I have only been awake 36 total......while I am glad to not be dealing with insomnia at the moment (have had plenty of that, too), this is getting rather scary

    It almost feels like a coma....not my usual waking up every 45 minutes (or less) to use the bathroom....instead, I have been completely knocked out for as many as 8 hrs straight and when I have woken up to go, it has been extremely hard to truly wake up and I have felt seriously drugged (though I have not taken sleeping meds or even sleeping herbs or anything)

    I know I really need this sleep, but like I said, it's getting a bit scary....and I also really need to make a few appts and I have no idea how to do so if this keeps the times I have been awake have been mostly the severe nausea thing, so I cannot function then either

    Today is better so far, though still some nausea, but (crazy as it is) I am really exhausted!
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    Have you had a sleep test? I had one about six months ago. I thought it would be the SOS, the RLS, pain from the FM awakening me. It turns out I have OSA, obstructive sleep apnea.

    My symptoms eventually became very similar to yours. Of course you can't just go by the symptoms but it might be worth looking into a sleep study if you have not had one lately.
    It might give your doctor a clue about what is going on.

    If you do this make sure you have a certified specialist in sleep disorders. I knew I snored but had no idea that I was my breathing was intermitantly stopping. This can cause significant harm to your body.

    Take care.


    ETA Even with this I would have days that were better which made me think it was my FM. I tried several things which would help for a while and then lose it's effect.

    This is a good site for information about OSA,

    I think my jaw dropped to the floor when it turned out I had this.[This Message was Edited on 10/02/2010]
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    How are you doing?


    ETA I forgot to ask you if you feel refreshed from this sleep?

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  4. AuntTammie

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    thanks for replying - sorry it took me so long to get back to you - I was (big surprise) sleeping

    I have been checked for OSA before ......what I was actually starting to think was that I have narcolespy....have had all the symptoms for quite some time; however, this seems a bit extreme even for that....have been sleeping 45, 50, 58 hrs at a time

    problem with getting in to a doc rt now is that the very first doc on my list of priorities is a GI specialist and I have not been able to make an appt bc I have no idea how to plan far enough in advance to have any possibility of making it there....not to mention that I have not been awake and functioning well enough to even try to call to make an appt during the hrs that a doc would be in the office

    other thing with a sleep study at this point is that I would have to be there for a week or more to give any idea of what my sleep is really like

    that is not to say that I won't necessarily try to talk to a sleep specialist anyway - somethign has to change somehow......just that at the rate I am going it is going to be awhile

    btw, how is the nuvigil going for you? I was on provigil yrs ago & it did nothing but give me a headache and keep me from sleeping at all......but I have still wondered about nuvigil since it's supposedly better

    oh & no, I am not refreshed at all
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    If a doctor suspects narcolepsy, you go in for a night sleep test and stay the next day where they have you lie down periodically and they look at your sleep pattern. I think if you go into REM sleep right away, it means you have narcolepsy.

    A good site is TalkAboutSleep. It even has an FM board but not as active as this one.

    I know what you are going through and it is hell.

    Yeah, I kinda thought the sleep wasn't refreshing.

    I posted something about Nuvigil on another thread. The pharmacy enrolled me in a program where I get the script free for a year.

    Sleep is so closely associate with this DD.

    Good luck. Keep us updated.


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  6. mbofov

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    You should get your liver checked out. If it is overloaded with toxins, it can cause stomach upset plus severe fatigue. Several years ago I had symptoms similar to you. Of course my regular doctor found nothing wrong, but my chiro did muscle testing and found my liver was loaded wtih toxins. I had to do a liver detox, it was rather rough, but I was a lot better afterwards.

    There are degrees of liver (and other organ) functioning. It's not all or nothing. You can have a chronic liver toxicity that doesn't kill you, but it can impair proper digestion and functioning so you walk around feeling sick and tired.

  7. LittleBluestem

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    Since there are degrees of liver functioning and malfunctioning, there are also degrees of distress during detox. I did a liver detox a few years ago and it was not bad. I used a general detox tea, then a liver detox tea, then some pills called LiverCare (formerly Liv52). I did also try some herbal pills that I had to quit using. I think I was allergic to one of the ingredients.
  8. AllWXRider

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    If no stomach pain, I would suspect the liver too. Do you actually vomit? If so is it green? [bile] Do you have BM? Loose or constipated?

    "Data, data, data; I can not make bricks with out clay" -Conan Doyle "Sherlock Holmes" 1891

    [Vancerd] is still completely recovered, his CFS root cause was a plugged liver with gallstones. A liver flush fixed him up. He now ride mountain bikes, yes, up mountain paths.

    Citrus juice, esp grapefruit and apple soften gallstones, large copious amounts of olive oil flush out the stones. They poop out the size of almonds, but lots of gravel and pebbles.
  9. AuntTammie

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    I have wondered about this myself.....weird thing is that so far liver related tests have all come back fine (inc blood work & ultra sounds)....and I just took an online questionnaire re this and only had a couple of the symptoms (& one of those was fatigue, which could obviously just be from the CFS)- anyway, the results said that my liver is probably very healthy (obviously that is not a substitute for medical attention, but it is on a sight that is trying to push liver cleanses, books, etc, so I would think that if anything it would be skewed towards a false positive)

    in general I have always had habits that should lead to a very healthy liver....and even so I have periodically done some mild cleanses and taken milk thistle when on meds that might have caused any harm.....currently I cannot eat citrus fruits or olive oil, so those solutions are out, and quite honestly my current dietary intake is pretty rotten because I wind up throwing up most I have really limited what I do eat.....however, that has not been the case long enough to have caused liver issues

    I do know that sub-clinical liver issues won't show up in regular tests, though, and the nausea and extreme fatigue and recent changes to the coloring in my fingernails makes me wonder about does the fact that I cont to have pain immediately under my ribs on the rt side (& the liver can sometimes protrude a little there)
  10. AuntTammie

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    thanks for your latest reply......I will have to look up your previous posts re nuvigil

    as to the REM sleep thing, I know that I was always skipping straight to dream sleep when I fell asleep....I used to literally wake up every ten minutes the first hr I was in bed and very frequently there after, and I would always be in the middle of a dream when I I am not waking up nearly as often, but I am definitely still dreaming a ton
  11. AuntTammie

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    so sorry to hear of your liver problems......sounds awful

    I may be just really foggy rt now & I am too tired to look this up, so what is A1C?

    as to the 58 hrs and no food/drinks.....I am actually waking up on occasion to use the bathroom & so I have been keeping water, sports nutrition bars, and crackers at my bedside, so even though I am barely managing to do so bc I am so groggy & exhausted & can barely stay awake long enough, I am getting something in me each time I wake up

    that superfood bar sounds yummy and healthy, but unfortunately there are several ingredients in it that I can no longer keep down and I am also allergic to alfalfa
  12. mbofov

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    Have you gone to your doctor about the nausea and vomiting? Obviously something is going on that a competent doctor (one would hope) would be able to find.

    One more thought - intestinal blockages can cause nausea and vomiting and if you have a blockage it would make sense that you have pain.

    You should get to your doctor no matter how hard it may be to get there. You're not getting better and the longer you wait, things will probably only get worse.

  13. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    One other reason for constant nausea and vomiting is intestinal blockage. You should get to a doctor (no matter how difficult that may be to do) because this is a potentially very serious situation.

    It could be your liver, it could be a blockage, but it definitely is not normal to go through what you are. I would suggest applied kinesiology (muscle testing) but you've never responded to that suggestion, so try the doctor.

  14. gapsych

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    How are you doing? Have your symptoms improved?

    You said that you can't make it to the doctors. Can you call an ambulance to take you to the ER? I can't remember if you have insurance or not but an ER can not refuse to take you.

    This is just off the top of my head but something is going on that needs to be looked at. I know I chalked up my worsening symptoms to FM, even though I would still have intermittent good days and it turned out it was something else. Actually, this is something that has happened to me at least two times.

    It's so hard to sort out what is going on with this DD. Don't let the doctor's tell you it is just the CFS until they have done an extensive workup.

    I don't know if you have an intestinal blockage but I nearly had one several years ago and it was easily taken care of. In fact, mbofov's post reminded me of this.

    Have you had your gallbladder checked? I guess we can keep speculating forever but you sound miserable and lots of people are worried.

    Hope you are doing better.