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    lisa, help.... 07/22/03 12:13 PM

    i am applying for disability.however they sent me to a psch and now amily med .is there any hope..........i am treated with lupus that has attacked my organs .congested heart failure ,hypertension,fibro.and depression.......help

    Hi Janet,

    If it were up to me I would certainly give you SSDI. Unfortanely, it's up to big brother and I don't know as much about it as others on here so I cut and pasted your question for them to help you.
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    There's always hope. I think everyone is turned down the first time (even my neighbor's son, who became blind from a brain tumor!). But just appeal. Several people lately have been awarded in this stage. Others of us get denied again, and have to go before a judge before getting approved.

    Just make sure you don't rest up before you go to the appointment. That's actually a more accurate reflection of what we'd be like if we were working. Also, since you do have depression and it's a psychiatrist, try to point out the differences between your depression and your other illnesses. They psych I was seeing even before I got sick always asked me if I had the interest to do things. I vehemently said "yes!"
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    Bumping for Janet38
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    have any problem being approved. But, if you do, remember that most people do get approved at the hearing level. After I was denied at the reconsideration level (2nd time), I had my attorney request the ALJ to view my case based on the medical files, with no hearing. The ALJ did, and he awarded me my disability. If I had not done that I would still be waiting for my hearing date.

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    Get an attorney..... Can only help the situation.
    My pryers to you
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    thank you so much for the time and effort///////i am on pens and needles.i am so confused and the wait does not help matters much...