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    Can anyone offer an explanation as to why, despite taking Armour thyroid for 3 years, my T4 level has not increased, but my T3 has gone up into healthy ranges? Armour contains both, plus more, so I do get confused.

    I felt knitted together within about a week of taking Armour, and reaped additional benefit over the first two years. I take 1.25 grains and 1.5 grains caused me to go hyper, so guess this is my standard.

    GP has suggested I just take synthetic T3, but am loathe to upset the balance. Anyone done the switch from one to the other?

    Any ideas anyone??
    With thanks
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    ......for your reply.
    best wishes
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    If you feel good, don't rock the boat. It may be that you really needed more T3 to help the T4 do it's job. Armour made a world of difference to me, but I really feel better at close to the hypo point. Each of us is defferent and test guidelines are just that...guidelines. Now, if you don't feel try the other or maybe you could add a tiny bit of synthroid to your armour. Just a thought.