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    I am all for getting the word out there. And maybe for that purpose alone, go for it.

    But don't expect compassion behind the scenes.

    My husbands secretary has been on the Montel show, with her daughter, for a suicide episode.

    What she had to say was enough to put anybody off...

    Of course I questioned going on air with a private matter anyways, but she said she did it because they were promised "the best counselling possible" in return for her daughters "tragic story".

    What happened was anything but! She said the Montel you see on air, and the Montel you see off air, are two different people...

    As soon as the camera clicked off, he would have nothing to do with any of his guests...walk off stage, and not come back until it was "airtime" again.

    After the show was over, nothing was done in regards to the promised "wonderful conselling" she called the show back...was appologized to and given a couple of names of therapists in our area which she could have looked up in the yellow-pages herself. They said they would pay for the initial visit only...

    So much for compassion and promises!

    But I guess if all you're looking for is to get the word out about a disease/medical condition...and you are not looking for promises & compassion, then what the hell...might as well try...

    But after I heard that story, my opinion about talk show just confirms what I already suspected...

    They're in it for the ratings, and their own wallet...

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