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    Spacee, maybe you or somebody can help me with this.
    I was so used to taking tf 540 and 560...I feel like I really need the 560 / of course we can't get it thru ProHealth anymore...but the tf is for the herpes family virus. ( Ya never know blood tests showed huge high elevated titers to ebv and herpes family). What tf do you think I should take that has this formula in it?..from Chisholm's Labs. I am doing the Mycoplus and doing well. I think I need that 560 for that extra punch. I was tested for myco/and found positive a long time ago. It does help a lot...thank God. Yes, I think I better order a lot of tf has changed my life, given me normalicy...and its divine. I couldn't believe it when I called to order tf from ProHealth. I wish they had at least warned us a long time ago..and I would had ordered then and stocked up. I am going to talk to my husband about this. You are right...there are many years ahead of us...stocking up is a good idea. Did you have to get another freezer then? That's a lot of product! You are so much help to all of us. Thanks for all info.
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    I have an old ProHealth that lists what is in the TF 540 and 560. Chisholm Bio is closed on Friday afternoons. I will give them a call on Mondays and ask. I think it will be the one I take #2, but for my own info, I need to write down what each one covers.

    Tho I take 2 tfs, I only take one type of them a day. So, I ordered 30 bottles of each #2 and #9. We already had a freezer and 60 bottles of TF takes up about 1/2 a shelf. I would have purchased a freezer if necessary,though. We don't usually get hurricanes but since 2004 when we got three and lost electricity for a week...we now own a generator. It doesn't heat/cool the house but it keeps the refridge, freezer, microwave and tv/computers going. Basic necessities. Still had cold baths :(

    I am so grateful for TF. I feel like this is the 2nd time I have gone through this. The first time when they quit making the Kutapressin and I found the TFs to replace it. WHEW!


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    Hi Spacee .....

    Hasn't Nexavir taken the space(e) (ha, ha! ;o)of Kutapressin? I have a friend ( + for HHPV-6) over here similarly as desperate when the Kutapressin was withdrawn (I've passed your invaluable TF info onto her too!); and I researched for her, and found that Nexavir was the exact same drug but a branded form .... is that correct do you know? :S

    Think it was mothers with autistic children that campaigned hard to bring it back as it so helped their kidders.

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    Ok, I will wait to hear from you on your thoughts on the tf's we had discussed earlier. Blazer
  5. blazer

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    Ok, I will wait to hear from you on your thoughts on the tf's we had discussed earlier. Blazer
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    Yes, I agree that I have read that it is the exact same thing. But from word of mouth, people who could work while on Kutapressin, have not been able to on Nexavir. Our immune systems are so different that this might not be the case for everyone. I know that Dr. Cheney prescribes it for his patients but I don't know of any other CFS docs that do.

    Yes, I imagine the autistic mothers were a voice that was heard...they were just getting the word out about Kuta when we lost it. CFSer were writing congressmen and senators too demanding it be made available. But since we are not taken seriouly, I would think the autistic mothers swung the pendulum.

    BTW, I meant to tell you that the reason I am so "brit" is that I live 45 minutes from Disney World and because the euro can buy more here than in the UK, the brits have been buying "vacation homes" at an amazing pace. So, we heard the "mother tongue" spoken alot! In fact, my son gave me a book on "How to be British" lol. A humorous poke at the British way of doing things. :) It was very informative!

    Will post the info I get on Monday!

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    How funny! Maybe I should read that book! ;o))))

    Yep, we can buy double nearly on the British pound (not gone to Euros over here ...... yet!)at the moment, so I'm not surprised there's eager second home investors, especially near DisneyWorld! Also we're awash with 'buy a home abroad' programmes on TV which must only serve to encourage! :) The sun is a big magnet too! :)

    I do apologise for the 'invasion' ..... you could always throw bottles of TF at them all in defence .... on no, on second thoughts that would be FAR too expensive and wasteful of precious resources! ;o)))))

    Kind regards

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    Ah, you gave me a big chuckle. I don't blame peole for wanting the sunshine. If I lived in the cold, I would hibernate for the winter, for sure. We are having a very cold 67 today but they expect it to warm up tomorrow.

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    I happen to have a old Prohealth Magalog that says what was in 540 and 560. So, you would want the TF #9. It coverers mycos too so should be all you need. Apprx. $150 for 30.

    For an extra punch have you considered B-12 injections? Might be worth getting your B-12 level checked. Or, you could just give it a try since Dr. Cheney recommends it. I don't take as much as he recommends (10,000 a day). I take 5,000 three times a week.

    The phone # to order is 1-803-663-9618 (for the TF's).

    Hope that helps!