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    Thanks to everyone, esp. stormyskye for the info. on the shake. Here is another small contribution from my doc. which might be of use.

    The doc. says that it would be a good idea to put the whey protein in last of all and blend/bruise it as little as possible.

    He spoke in tons of technical language, which I did not understand, but the basic idea for a lay person like me was that, if the whey powder is banged about too much the process can damage the internal molucules in the whey and so we do not get the full benefit.

    A bit like good food 'going' off a bit - the nutrients etc., start to decay and so the food is not as nutritious as it could be. So you might like to consider adding the whey as late as possible, or even just stir it in by hand at the end.
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    Dear stormyskye

    the doc. reckons that the shake is a good thing - he has actually had me on a less sophisticated one for about 6 months. He told me to get a whey isolate protein powder (Designer's Physique is the brand, but that might be Aust. only) and have about 2 tbs in a drink first thing in the morning: He said having it in yogurt would be ok, but it wasn't, as it put too much stress on my spleen, causing very heavy arms and legs. Then I had it in soy milk,- but that was before I found out about low thyroid and soy link. So now I just have it in filtered water.

    Apparently, he reckons that having the whey isolate i.e., protein first thing in the morning, even if I am not able to face any food - is good for the system, because it feeds the muscles. This can help make the body more anabolic and less catabolic and so help recovery of muscle mass. He reckons that the whey powder is the most important thing: almonds are on the list of food that he recommends at any time of the day: frozen berries ditto: however, he recommends stevia and not any other sweetener, for me at least, because I am insulin resistant. I checked the shop shelves and I could not find mollases here - is it the same as treacle?

    Anyhow, I have a stevia plant on the kitchen bench and I put in one leaf which helps with the sweetness.
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    I'm pretty sure molasses is treacle. Try to buy organic unsulphured if you can, from a health food store. Most molasses comes from unripe plants which are artificially ripened using sulphur. Organic molasses is less bitter and may have more minerals.
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    and not being a molassis fan, I was pleasantly surprised that I couldn't taste it even at 1 Tbs. Now I bought the Blackstrap stuff, and PEEEEEUUUUUU! Is that stuff strong, and has refreshed my memory as to way I don't like molassis!
    Does it have to be Blackstrap? or is the fancy grade ok?