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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 53j, Jan 20, 2003.

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    I would like to address the messages from all you kind folks out there. Yes, I really am in remission for 3 years & I didn't "do" anything to make it happen. It just did. From crutches/wrist splints/back brace/morphine patches to nothing! But there was one thing that seemed to help me with my pain was electric acupuncture. That seems to help, nothing else did. Nothing. I'm NOT SELLING ANYTHING. I'm just trying to encourage you all that sometimes in the darkest moment there is a ray of hope ok?
    Yes, I have early Alzheimer's Disease & probably will be dead inside of 4-6 years (as I've had it for a while now). But that doesn't bother me much, what really MATTERS is if we can somehow reach out and help someone along life's way...this makes the day worth living! Don' t you think so?
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    So glad you are feeling so much better. Its good t hear this from you.

    Take care, and enjoy yourself now.

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    you seem like a great man and I am glad to meet you! You are a ray of sunshine to me today and I have desperately needed that! Thank you!
    Are you in a support group for the Alzheimers?? Have you a wife and family? I am a nurse and worked with Alzheimer patients for many years and I understand how important it is to have a good support system. You seem to do well with your typing and your responses here on the board; surely you don't think you will succumb to the Alzheimers in such a short time, do you? This has not been the experience I have had with patients I can assure you. Please keep us informed about your progress, if you are comfortable doing so~~I know others also care for you!
    With love and care,