Reached my limit of being around people

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. rosemarie

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    I don't know if this happens to any one else, but every time I go to church, or I am in a crowd , my pain gets worse all over my body, I can't take it when small children and babies are crying , yelling , whining and then add the parents who keep shushing them instead of taking them out of the meeting. All the noice biulds up to a point wher I want to scream" SHUT UP" I can't take it any more, all the noise , babling ,crys jus send my body into a world of pain, it makes my head throb , ears ache, my muscles hurt as I am sitting so stiffly trying not to move, today I had the added pain of my left wrist which is already causeing me pain. I shattered it over 6yrs ago and when the pressure in teh air changes the titaium plate and screws make my wwwrist throb, I have treid to rub it and get it to stop throbbing but nothing is helping. How do I explain to peo0ple that I don't want to attend church because of the noise levels. I sound so gritchy, and bossy. When I was a young mother with small children a babies , if they were fussing , crying or older kids being noisey I took them out of the meeting and had a meeting of the minds, they did not go back insied till they could behave. Once or twice of this and they were quite well mannered. and did not make alot of noice. Well todays parents don't believe in taking out their crying babies, screamming todddlers, kids who are just being noisey . ONe 8-10 yr old boy was sitting behind me, he was laying on the floor with his feet and legs stiicking all the way under the bench and on to my ankles, shins, back of legs, I tried to get him to move them and even turned around to his mother who did not make him sit up and behave. Now my shins legs, ankle aches. I feel like I have been beaten up . MY 4 month old grandson behaved better than that child and when he fussed his mother took him out of the meeting and when she came back in he was sleeping in her arms.
    What is wrong with me that I can't deal, handle alll the noise that is in church meetings. By the end of the meeting I am ready to scream and I am hurting so badly that I don't want to stay and meet and mingle with people, I jsut want out where there is no noise or where I am in control of the noise levels.
    How is it that noise mae my whole body flare up in to so much pain. I am hurting to badly that I had taken a quick release MSIR. The pain in my wrist is about a 9 and the rest of my body is at an 8. I know htat I have other pain issues than just fiibro, I also have chronic myofacial pain syndrome, DDD, spianl stenosis, arthritis in my knees hips and back. i don't know what is happening in my body that noise camkes me hurt so badly?.
    Am I alone? I have not heard of any one else feeling like this too. I just want to be able to attend church and enjoy being around teh members,But when the little ones are crying noisey and squealing it sends my pain sensors into an over load. I end up in so much pain that It is not worth going to church. What is going on with me any one else know any athing about this? Please let me know if some one else feels like i do. I feeel so alone.
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    Yes, I do understand.

    My son and his wife lived with me when she found out she was pregnant. As much as I wanted them to stay, I asked that when the baby was born, that they move out. The "normal" baby cries just go all over me, and I cant handle it. I hate it! I would loved for my grandson to live here with me until they could have saved more money to buy their own house. I just couldnt handle the noise, and I knew in advance what it would be like.

    You definatly are not alone. Dont feel bad either. You cannot help it. Its part of this DA*N illness we have.

    Hang in there and just do the best you can. I miss church, but cannot handle people. Trust me, God knows what we are feeling. Besides us, he is the only one who does truly understand!

    Hugs from me!
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    Just wanted you to know I also have the same issues. I have been wanting to go back to church but have been afraid because of the noise level too.--so I listen to a Christian radio station in my car and sing my praises to God in private.

    I have days at work I just want to scream Shut up too! I hate it when we have staff meetings and people are also talking instead of listening to the supervisor who is conducting the meeting. I never used to say anything to those chatty people but I do now.

    Shopping can be a nightmare---too many people, kids running around or screaming, the weird smells--espcially around the clothing departments. {Probably why I buy most of my clothes at thrift stores}

    Hugs for you~~~~

  4. DeborahLynn

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    I can so identify with you! I can't take much at all anymore, esp. when I 'm in a crash/flare. When I am able to go to church, it takes me a couple of days to recover afterwards. I really miss it when I can't make it.

    I used to listen to music in the car, at home, etc., but I can't take the noise anymore. If I do listen to music, it's got to be calm and slow, quiet and serene.

    My children are old enough so that they don't make much noise anymore - no screaming or crying.

    I pray things get better for you, or more tolerable! Hugs,

  5. Janalynn

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    It's actually not that uncommon to be extremely bothered by noise, whether it be a lot of "chaotic" noise or even just a loud noise.

    When I'm already in some pain, noise can send me through the roof. What is sad, is that a lot of loud laughter can really bother me. of the most wonderful sounds one can hear.
    I can get super cranky. I've been known to just hold my hands over my ears and when I can't stand it anymore have blurted out "Do you have to be so loud??" Nice huh?

    The kids outside my house seem to scream all the time. I remember telling my kids not to scream (before it bothered me) so much out of courtesy for neighbors etc. I have other people's kids playing on my front porch screaming like banshees while they're playing. I'm sure they think I'm a b... because I have to go out and ask them to not play on my porch.

    Obviously you're not alone.


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