Reaction to flu shot? Major flare?

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    I totally agree with you that people with immune system issues are NOT to take the flu shots. I think that's been stressed here for a lot of years. Some of us have immune systems set on 'high', and some of us set on 'low'. It just stands to reason the same dosage taken by 'normals' would not work for us. Besides, the flu vaccines only carry protection for certain viruses, and generally are not the ones that actually hit the population the way they

    The stomach 'flu' is not a flu, and is not covered with the flu shot. Another misconception for many people. Influenza is generally an upper respiratory infection that leads to bronchitis or pneumonia, IMHO. As for our docs informing us of CFS/FM people against the shots, how can they?? Most of them don't even understand what we have.

    Hope we all stay healthy this winter, although these bugs seem to be lasting all year long.
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    When I went to my doc and related my symtoms apres flu shot as being as bad as when I first got CFS, she said, well why don't you jut finish your move and get on with things? I told her it is hard enough to get out of bed as it is, and nearly impossible with the exacerbated symptoms since the flu shot. For my own safety and the safety of others, I don't think it's a good idea for me to be driving cross-country when I am under the weather to this degree and I will probably wind up holed up in a hotel along the way.
    It made me realize once again, as you said, that the docs really don't have a clue...and after seeing her for 6 years and thinking she was empathetic and somewhat understanding! Being ridiculed and treated like a hypochondriac is not being treated professionally. I can't wait to move to a larger city where there are more specialized doctors to choose from as well as alternative practioners. Maybe someday the nay-sayers will experience a similar fate and then they will understand through first-hand experience. No wonder so many of us who are normally upbeat in spite of our health concerns are teetering on the verge of being mildly depressed or worse. We can have enough challenging days on our own without our docs adding to our distress!
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    I know Dr Charles Lapp states that Flu shots are not a good idea fro people with CFS. For some years I took a homeopathic nosode for each year's flu. which seemed to work. I found that homeopathy had nothing for me at the time, so haven't returned to the clinic which is some distance away for me.

    For the past three years I have qualified for the flue shots at my local national health clinic here in England as I am now over 65. I have not had flu, nor any obvious reaction to the shots, so am happy to continue.

    I rate myself as having moderate ME/CFS for the past 11, and am improving thanks to Bruce Campbell's classes protocol on The shots seem to work for me, but others may have found differently. We each have to adopt behaviors, habits and self-care according to our own unique situations.

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    I do think people should be careful with flu shots as not everybody should do them as routine every year. I have a friend who is a graduate nurse with many years of experience working in a hospital and she never had a flu shot in her life because she believes it could damage your immune system. She has never got a flu up to her 70s years of life. The key is to wash hands real well with antibacterial soap before you could even eat a candy or putting anything in your mouth. Prevention is the key and not the shots that could affect your health at the end. Flu shots have become a business and a risk for patients who have sensitivities to them. My doctor has told me not to take them and i believe that when a person doenst have a good immune response , flu shots could result in a worse option for a particular person.
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    I used it quite a lot for the first years it came out. Then I started reading that this wasn't good for us. Makes us more susceptable because we haven't built up that immunity naturally. I've stopped buying this soap. I've read that just plain soap, used every time you can, working it around the nails, etc. that it works just as good. And I try to get into the habit of NOT touching my face when I'm out and about. Those germs linger on everything and when we touch our face they can get in thru our nose or mouth.

    Ever watch one of those programs on germs.....we have to be so careful. I was at the doctor the other day....everyone coughing and sneezing and using the restroom. Think of all the germs on the magazines in the waiting room, on the chairs, on the door handles. UGH.
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