reaction to surgical screws made of titanium?

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    I broke my finger and the surgery required placing two titanium screws in my finger. My finger is a mess--hasn't healed properly. The surgeons says it's my "biology". My finger over-reacted and grew more bone than it should have, etc.

    Surgeon suggests a second surgery to work on the tendons, ligaments, which have fused together causing my finger to be bent.

    The extra bone growth could be a sensitivity to the titanium, or just my body over-reacting to the breaking of a bone (which both strike me as very CFS/immune response my body is having).

    Does anyone know anything about titanium reactions?

    I've had the fecal heavy metal testing done and my nickel and mercury are high. Basically, I'm sure my body is very sensitive to all this stuff, due to the CFS. Now I'm worried--what health problems might it cause to have these screws in? I don't think they can be removed.

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    You can definitely have a titanium allergy/sensitivity. I can't even wear earrings made out of it. I had to get special plastic post earrings. When I got my second ear piercing, I tried titanium earrings and my ears wouldn't heal and they were looking like they were infected no matter what I tried. As soon as I switched to the plastic posts, they healed up.

    What you could feel with the titanium is like your body is rejecting it. Pain, low grade fever, even swelling at the site. Try taking benadryl for a few days and see if that calms your system down a bit.
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    The nickel and mercury couldn't be coming from the screws since Ti has a small amount of Aluminum and Vanadium alloyed in it but none of these other elements. Ti is considered to be very stable (unlike dental fillings) and very hypoallergenic, even with the Al and V (without these alloys, pure Ti would be far too temperature reactive. It gets "floppy" in cold and then takes it's shape when it warms; I have seen demonstrations with eyeglasses.) The amount of Al and V is incredibly small and unlike dental fillings, Ti is an incredibly hard material that does not break down like a soft dental filling so the possibility of it leeching is far more remote (but not impossible; nothing is ever impossible.) It might be worth going to an allergy specialist who can do skin testing with Titanium, Aluminum and Vanadium just to see but I suspect that this might have more to do with the over-reactive immune systems that we have combined with normal bodily reactions to bone breaks. It is pretty normal (in general, not necessarily with ME/CFS and fibromyalgia) to develop bony and scar tissue growth at injury sites (ask any old ski racer about their feet and their ski boots and they'll likely tell you all about it) and this could be getting exacerbated by the screws and other additional factors involved with the illness. Just my theory. What a pain in the ass though. I hope you figure it out. K.
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    I have rods and screws in my left foot not sure if thier stainless steel or titanium. Thought you couldnt have reactions to those.

    Not related but recently I had two teeth pulled and the 2nd one may have developed a bone spur! nothing but problems since the fibro cfs stuff started. also taking for ever to heal.

    just my oppion but I would say its not the screws.