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    besides loose stools?

    I have this stupid rash that may be due to coming off the Prednisone ( or so I heard from some people on other boards). I have been taking Mag. for some time but some months ago I started with larger doses and taking magnesium citrate capsules along with the oxide.

    This stupid rash has been driving me crazy. Many can't even tell I have it unless I show them the bad parts, mostly arms and legs. Lower legs now esp one of them is the wrost looking. It is itchey esp when applying pretty warm water in the shower. I use Avveno soap and Avveno shower oil or bath. Spray myself on worst parts (just a couple) with Caladryl spray .

    Looking for any help or ideas in finding out cause or cure. If I go to the doc he will probably put me on Prednisone again.

    Thought at first it might be sensitivity to cinnamon supps. buta got off it and hasn't disappeared so I guess not. This Mag. seems to have helped my b/p some so hate to get off it.

    Also, if anyone has experienced this or has any ideas on the rash or more reactions to fairly large amts. Mag., let me know.

    Thanks to awl.

    Granni :)
  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thanks Jam. More later !

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    I've never heard of magnesium causing a rash. You might try magnesium taurate - my blood pressure is normal, and mag taurate lowered it too much, so I had to stop it - I wasn't trying to lower my blood pressure, but the taurine in mag taurate lowers BP. So you might try switching the magnesium oxide, which isn't one of the better forms, for magnesium taurate. It might lower your BP without causing loose stools. And you might not have to keep taking the magnesium citrate.

    Re the prednisone, I'm with Jam - that stuff is poison, you don't want to take it. It lowers the immune system, so the prednisone could indirectly be causing the rash due to that - increasing allergies or even causing shingles.

  4. sunflowergirl

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    Granni. do a search for histamines and itchy rash. I really believe it's histamines that are causing your problems. I had an awful itchy rash every summer for 4 years lasting from spring to late fall and the only thing that would calm it down was ice on my arm.
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    Hi Mary and Jam,

    Thanks for your information. I don't want to change the Magnesium I am on, if possible, as I have always been constipated, even as a kid. Those old enema bags still give me night mares :)!! I am happy with loose stools and gauge my dosage accordingly.

    That is what I am trying to do, avoid going to the doc because I am pretty sure what he will put me on. I was on it for Poison Ivy or whatever else we have on our property. I have been off it for maybe a month or so. Haven't looked at the info to see. I also have OP so am trying not to have to go back on it. I know it is bad for your bones. I didn't hear about Magnesium causing a rash either but I thought I'd ask, one never knows. That is one of the newer things I have put myself on for pain . I started with Ginger, Tumeric/Cumercin (sp)? , Cinnamon supps. and I can't think what else. Then I took myself off to see if I could figure out the cause. So far, no answer other than possibly the Prednisone. It is just the weirdest rash and is nothing like poison Ivy , Oak or whatever else.. I have been checking out the internet searching to see what kind of rash it might be.

    If anyone else has any input or ideas I am all ears :)!!!!

    Thanks gals. I'm with what you both have said so far. I think many of the docs will be reluctant to think that Prednisone could cause such a thing. I asked for the Prednisone this last time as I didn't want it go get worse and we were supposed to go out of state. Turned out we never did due to trying to avert possible leak in the ceiling from an open vent.

    Hugz to you both,
    Granni :confused: That's me, confused again =-- he he !!
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    HI Sunflower, et al,

    We must have been posting at the same time. I will do so and see what I can see. Where did you have your rash and what did it look like? It is not horribly itchy just occasionally and especially some spots. On my leg, towards the bottom of my leg, goes wild when hot or very warm water hits it. I can't take cold very well but will keep that in mind if it really gets bad.

    Thanks for you post also. Every little bit helps and I appreciate it so much.

    Hugz to you awl,
    Granni :confused:
  7. sunflowergirl

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    I got it on my fore arms. First summer was just one arm, next summer was both arms. Every year I could relate it to an insect bite which got me to scratching, the more I scratched the worse it got. The doctor I saw once couldn't see what I was talking about but every place I had the worst ones they now look like burn places. I got so I always wore long sleeves when in the sun as I think sun/heat aggravated it. I got prescription cream which did nothing and I tried everything on the market. When at home I would "paint" my arms with liquid milk of magnesia and that seemed to cool it. After it dried I would slightly rub it so my arms wouldn't be so white.

    The first summer I had it my neighbor also got it and other friends. That previous summer we had terrible fires in the local mountains and we all thought it might have come from what was sprayed to put out the fires which the following summer of heat it would all blow in our direction. Meaning there was a lot of poisons floating around in the air.

    That summer my son also had it on the left arm. He figured it was the sun hitting his arm.

    The site I found on the histamines and itchy rash talks about the histamines and how it's the body trying to rid itself of poisons in the system. I hope you find something to help you. Mine became unbearable every summer. This is the first summer that no itching.
  8. Granniluvsu

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    Yhanks Sun. I still need to go check that out about histamines but think I have seen that before. Was it little tiny dots with no pus or oozing. I am trying very hard not to scratch.

    Yes I do wear long sleeves and pants outside when I am doing any weeding and to try to keep the sun off me plus any poisonous plants. I am sure that the poisons in your area from the stuff they were spraying on the fires were not helpful either.

    Off to take a shower . See you all later.

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    Yes, I take 200 mg 2x a day of GSE. I just took another 100 mg. So will see how that goes. Can't hurt for sure. I hate to spend so much more money for supps than I usually do. So I will try and go with the flow and hope this works.

    I am so aggravated at the place I usually get my GSE as the bottle said 200 mg. and they were caps but didn't read the back of the bottle that said 1 serving is take two of them. They were 100 mg. I have been getting my GSE there for some time. I don't think they make it any more but will check it out again. Have to watch those servings. The advertisement on the website can be deceiving as you probably already know. I will need to order that much sooner than expected - boo, on that :( .

    BTW, what is the most you have ever taken? Of course everyone is different so I will go low and slow as I did when I fitst started.

    Thanks for the tip and I will let you and all know how it goes.

    Granni :)

    P.S I was just thinking that the only other newish thing I have taken is Armour Thyroid. I took a larger dosage for a year or so and didn't seem to have a reaction or not so much that I would notice and now trying a lower dosage , 60 mg) the doc is trying me on. I go in Sept to have blood work done. Not sure that would cause a problem with rashes. Have you heard of anything on that? Still guessing the Pred. but trying to looking in every direction.
  10. TigerLilea

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    Granni, some people get an allergic reaction to Prednisone in the form of a skin rash. I very much doubt that it is the magnesium that is causing the problem. Have you checked with your doctor or pharmacist?
  11. Windytalker

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    Granni...I'm going to suggest some "off the wall" ideas regarding your rash. Yes, predizone/sterioids can cause all sorts of side effects (including thyroid and adrenal gland difficulties). But, since you're not taking it any longer, I doubt it's the cause. And, I've always heard the body expels excess magnesium and notice a strong urine smell when I overdose. But, I take magnesium malate (a combination of magnesium and malic acid).

    Okay...things to try (as I said...these are off the be prepared).

    First, when doing your laundry, rewash all your clothes again only this time don't use any detergent. Only water (cool preferably). It may not be a med or supplement causing your rash. It might be your detergent. Most are highly concentrated these days and won't rinse out well even if you have an extra rinse cycle on your washing machine. I develop rashes and burning sensations if my clothes aren't rinsed well. So does my DH. And, it was my DH who suggested I try this...and it worked!! (Also do this double wash for sheets and towels.) Yes, it doubles laundry time, but can be worth it.

    Second, stop using your current bath soap and any/all lotions...especially don't use anything with a petroleukm base on the rash. If you use "city water", there's chlorine in the water which is a disinfectant. So, you'll be clean...just not with soap. Use a clean washcloth with each bath/shower. My neighbor recently developed a rash using so-called mild Dove.

    If you feel you need some kind of moisturizer on your skin, use olive/coconut/almond oil. Don't use anything with a petroleum base.

    Please give these a try. Doing this has certainly helped me.
  12. Soul*

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    Granni, I just skimmed through this and didn't read most of it but saw your mention of poison ivy and histamines. I haven't looked into this further yet but a bit back I heard something about local honey (if that is something you can eat) that can help with overcoming problems that have to do with hay fever and intolerances to plants and pollen and such. It's important for it to be local and pure to help you deal with local plants and such. Again I don't have any details about it but maybe it can help any of you and it might be something those who it applies to can look into in more detail.
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    Thanks Soul and Windy , Jam et all for your ideas.

    Windy - I found on the net on some medical blogs about others who have gotten a different type of rash after taking the Prednisone. I read different posts from different people who seemed to have the same thing although some doctors do not agree. Something happened with the same type of rash another time right afterwards and I was tapering off at that time, or just got off it or close to the last few pills. This time it was longer in between but they were the same type of rash. At that time I thought it might be more Poison whatever and got more Prednisone . However, it did go away and the rash was not as bad and more spots than this time.

    A few years ago I tried the local honey for my post nasal drip which I have most of the time and I don't think it seemed to help. I only bought the one jar so don't know if I needed to be on it longer.

    Have to run now but will be back soon I hope.

  14. Granniluvsu

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    Hi again everyone,

    Windy - I had thought about clothes washing detergent but have been using it fir some time. Also, I don't seem to have the rash in the area where my underwear would be, and I don't seem to have the rash there. I also, lately been mostly wearing shorts and T shirts or sleeveless shirts. It is mostly on lower parts of legs and areas not touched by clothes. I will do this if nothing else works.

    Diane - I do what Kevin does. I take everything ( outer clothing) off and put into washer. I have been usinsg Aveeno soap now, different from before and an oil bath/shower oil make by Aveeno. I don't think it was the Magnesium but when I started taking a lot more, I thought it MIGHT be a possibility. Now , not so much.

    I was also thinking about trying Coconut Oil since I have some and have been putting it on my nails and some extra on my nails. Thanks Windy for mentioning that again. Has anyone put it on their nails (CO). My nails are so bad they split and peel :( !!

    I took an extra 100 mg of GSE last night and this morning. We'll see what happens.

    Thanks again to you awl for all your ideas, suggestions, and thoughts.

    Love ya,
    Granni :)
  15. Granniluvsu

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    Jam - That is my guess too but still on the prowl. Will continue to add more GSE as well as putting some CO to some of the really dry places. We. He was turned down for some dumb reason/. When he was finally OKed for it he finally passed away. will see.

    While at the chiros. the other day for a work shop they showed a short very sad video about a baby about 6 months 0ld and how he was before becoming ill with a cold of some kind. Then there was amoxicillin which made him worse, and something else that affected his liver. Not sure if the amoxicillin did or not. His liver got really bad and he was put on a liver transplant list and turned down for some dumb reason. They kept fighting it and when he was finally okayed, that poor little baby just became brain dead and then died. How dangerous many drugs are. I try not to take them but some times we have no choice. You have to know what to take and then hope you have the $ to pay for them. Some of the supps are none to cheap either, as you know.

    I wish I could find something , a supp. , that would truly take away my high b/p. It is getting better but I still have to take hi b/p meds. Wish I didn't have to.

    TTY and all later.

    Granni :eek:
  16. sunflowergirl

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    Granni. I found a super product for dry skin on my feet. It's actually for nails but I found it's great for skin too. It's Cuticle Therapy Cream by Orly. I bought it at a beauty supply store but since then bought several jars of it online. It runs about $8 a jar. I get very dry cracked hands and feet, especially in the wintertime and this stuff is amazing. I've tried using the coconut oil, Vaseline, also olive oil and squalane oil but none helped like this product.
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sun - Thank you so much for your tip on the Cuticle Therapy Cream. I will see if I can find it anywhere. I know you can get almost anything on line if not in the area. Sounds very nice.

    Hugz to you,
  18. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Granni...I'm a big believer that BP problems are caused by simple carbs. Atkins came out with this in his book. I don't necessarily believe in his diet, but do believe in his theories. Do you curb your carb intake? My DH is a big simple carb eater and as a result, he's also on BP meds.

    A good friend fought high BP for years then finally went basically low carb and she's been fine ever since.

    For a good moisturizer, I started using squalane oil ages ago. It's about the only product I can tolerate (no petro chems for this gal) and it absorbs better than olive/coconut/almond oils. I don't believe PH sells this, but it can be found at other online stores. Works good for cuticles, hands, feet, face, etc. I even use it in lieu of Chapstick.

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thanks Windy even though I think most of my problems with hi b/p is genetics and pain. Will get back to you later. DH needs the computer. We do try to limit out simple carbs though anyway due to his possible borderline diabetes and just watch our weight. More later. DH needs the computer. !

    Hugz, :)
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    Hi Jumpshot

    I never heard of the Rife Machine before. I see there are lots of sites discussing same,
    however. I read the article on Wikipedia. No doubt you have too. Royal Raymond
    Rife invented his machine in the 1930s. He died about 40 years later at the age of 88.
    Apparently he claimed his machine could cure cancer, but no scientists agreed.

    Have you posted new threads on this topic on other boards (at this site) such as CFS/
    Fibro; General Health. Treatment and therapy: Alternative therapies?
    I have never seen any posts on this topic at this site.

    Good luck