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    Hi Jumpshot

    I never heard of the Rife Machine before. I see there are lots of sites discussing same,
    however. I read the article on Wikipedia. No doubt you have too. Royal Raymond
    Rife invented his machine in the 1930s. He died about 40 years later at the age of 88.
    Apparently he claimed his machine could cure cancer, but no scientists agreed.

    Have you posted new threads on this topic on other boards (at this site) such as CFS/
    Fibro; General Health. Treatment and therapy: Alternative therapies?
    I have never seen any posts on this topic at this site.

    Good luck
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    Granni, I asked you about whether you had had your rash biopsied and sent to a lab to identify the culprit in another thread. Don't remember reading if you responded. Sorry if you answered and I missed it. Remember when I had that fungal rash and my PCP ordered a steroidal cream? I saw the dermatologist and she said that's the worst thing I could have put on it. She Rx'd an antifungal cream and it went away. I had also been outside working in the plants. Plants can be covered in fungi.

    I think it's important to see a specialist and get biopsied to identify the rash and get the proper treatment. Good luck to you. I hope and pray the rash goes away. You've had it a long time.

    Love, Mikie
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    well thanks rock for replying, I'm not good on computers plus brain fog, I couldn't follow the directions for the thread, I tried, so I'm kinda asking people individually, I wish they would google german EAV machines and see some articles some have had results from these machines that say they can kill pathogens, this guy garvey in FLA. cured 2 of my church of Christ friends and treated another w/ ALS, i'm waiting for update on him thanks