reactive hypoglycemia

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  1. sienna

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    Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing fine. I need your knowledge on reactive hypoglycemia. My doctor said just keep a peanut butter sandwhich in your purse.

    I am having a hard time with this re-hypo on what to eat.

    What can you eat?....some say you can eat fruit, some say you can not. Can you eat brown rice?


    Thank you
  2. sunflowergirl

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    I eat a cup of cottage cheese as soon as I get up. It's the highest I've found in protein. Then about an hr. later I eat my whole grain bran cereal with l/2 banana or blueberries. My doctor said that a little sugar from the banana will help BUT according to a chapter in Dr. St. Amand's book FM (he has a whole chapter on reactive hypoglycemia, banana is a no no). (this is a great book to own on FM and everything we don't learn from our doctor) So I'm still trying to adjust. I ALWAYS keep a bag of no salt peanuts in my purse. I keep almond butter in frig and eat a few spoonfuls throughout the day and even if I wake up during the night. I always have hard cheese and turkey slices in the frig plus several containers of cottage cheese.

    It's my understanding you have to have a steady supply of protein throughout your day. The thing Dr. St.Amand stresses is meat and lots of veggies.
  3. MicheleK

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    Yes, protien at regular intervals according to your own bodies reaction.

    I am sorry that you both are dealing with this. It can be hard to get into the habit of having something with you wherever you go and making sure you eat the protien regularly, even if you are not hungry at the time.

    The good thing about habits though is that once you get into one, you tend to do things automatically.