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    I'm following up on another post, but don't want to take over the thread, so I'll do my own question. I get treated for RA right now (had an RA factor of 278 and fluid/modules on my lungs). The other poster asked if meds make you worse. I am asking the same thing, does the RA treatment make my FM worse? (I am still waiting for a diagnosis , and looking for a physician who doesn't find me to be a hypocondriac). I have pretended for too long that I was fine, I have gotten treated for RA for 4 months, but the meds are not doing an iota for me, I feel just the same, if not worse. I have little experience with the combination! My dad got RA, my mom got Fm, so does my brother. Of course I was blessed with both genes! LOL!

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    bump myself
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    lousy genetical trait from both sides. Uh, I hate it - but you made me chuckle when I read the last few sentences in your post!!

    Thank you for sharing your gift of laughter!

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a superb New Years!



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    The same goes for you, Sunshine89557! Merry Christmas to us achy souls!

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    i get tired of pretending being ok.
    some days i cannot.
    lots of meds make my fibro worse,
    so does smells, lots of chemicals,
    and some foods.
    luck to you.
    bumping for you hun