read that fm can be missed as "growing pains" in kids

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  1. raven5000

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    I thought I was going crazy! I flashed back to my childhood when I started getting severe burning sensations on my tender points as being wayyyy too old for "growing pains"..then I read that you can have fm in childhood and be just waived off as growing pains. When I talked to my MOm about it, she said that she was CCONSTANTLY having to cuddle and comfort me because I cried all the time w/ growing pains. I'm 44 now and and was dx'd about 9 months ago...Anyone else have it come on slowly then all of a sudden BAM...severe enough not to be able to walk or work?
  2. Debra49659

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    not that i remember in childhood, but yes, absolutely in adulthood. i suffered from many symptoms individually for years before to onset of pain.

    i worry so much about my 9 year old who constantly complains of back pain and pain about the shoulders, knees, and ankles. i don't want her to have this...please, i pray to god that she doesn't.

    my grandfather had FM but it wasn't dx'd by name at that time, my mother remembered how much he suffered and that the doctors at that time used to basically brush him off, thou...he did wind up in a wheelchair.

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    HI RAVEN... Yes I also had "growing pains"... very painful leg cramps as a child. I still remember my mother rubbing my legs and telling me it was just "growing pains"! I also remember crying in my bed because my legs hurt so bad! As I heard several doctors say..."growing should not be painful"!! So something else was going on... I'm still wondering if it was a result of all the polio vaccines and other "shots" we received as children. Heck if vaccines can cause autisum... well just maybe there is a connection to all the vaccines we got as children and FM and CFS!!

    I'm 63 now and been battling FM for over 10 years now. Seems those "growing pains" are happening all over my body! I must still be growing... NOT!!!

    Blessings... CarolK
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    I remember as a child, my dad would rub my legs in alcohol that had aspirin disolved in it. I don't really know why but he would do that when I would cry with them hurting. Any time I played too hard I would hurt when I went to bed.

    They took me to a doctor and he called it "growing pains" and said that I would outgrow them but guess what...I didn't and about ten years ago or so, the pain got bad enough in my hips and legs that I could barely walk.

    Must be some kind of connection.

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    I know I had FM forever. The growing pains were sooo bad. My mom also rubbed my legs at night with alcohol while I cried. Dad basically never said anything, which made me believe I was a baby, but none of the other kids in my family had pain like I did.

    The doc also thought I had rheumatic fever because of all my pain and listlessness. Sent me to a specialist in Denver who said I had all the symptoms, but none of the blood work would verify it. They never knew what it was, but knew something was wrong by the age of 12.

    I also slept a LOT. Would fall asleep on the bus to and from school, go to bed as soon as I got home and sleep until morning. The doc gave me some medicine to perk me up, but it never worked. I had strep throat constantly, a heart murmur, and could never ride a bike or do any activities like other kids could.

    Not a fun childhood at I know why....
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    Same here. I remember growing pains as a child that were just awful. I also had burning pain in my feet. I slept forever as a teen (more than the average teen) and the doctor thought I had mono. Nothing ever changed so either I'm still growing or it's something else!
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    I remember having severe "growing pains" (I was told) in my legs, especially the left one. I would shove it down between the mattress and the wall at night because the pressure seemed to help. No one believed me that it hurt so badly and kept me awake. A deep ache in the bone. After I came down with CFS, the very same deep ache returned, now in both legs, but more in the left one. Feels the very same. Hot water helps.
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    can also be a case of lyme &/or other commonly tick-transmitted infections. My son complained of various aches/pains that we dismissed... but then later found he had lyme and bartonella and babesia. How to make a parent feel guilty for being dismissive... we felt reallllllly stupid!

    all the best,