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    I get so fustrated by some of these doctors. My pain management doctor wants me to read HOW TO STUBBORNLY REFUSE TO MAKE YOURSELF MISERABLE ABOUT ANYTHING YES ANYTHING. I was given the book at one of my visits and told I would be billed 15.00. He asked if I had finished the book on my last visit to him, and asked if I follow what it is telling me. My answer is, I am not finished yet, and when I finish reading one chapter I cannot remember what it was about. This is so unlike me. Glad I am not in school, boy would I be in trouble. Anyway, I would like some replies. What do you think, will this book help any, or is he just helping sales of this book? Have any of you read it?

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    Thanks Tammy
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    Reading the book is benign and could wind up being enlightening. $15 for a book is cheap. He must think there is some wisdom in it. It cannot hurt you. When I come to these places I ask myself "why dont I want to go there"???????
    I dont always get an answer. Usually the answer is I dont want to know the answer for me is under my control cuz that is way to scary. Just give me the pill, but we all know the pill doesnt exist.
    The world is full of people who live full meaningful lives while enduring the most difficult physical hardships. It sounds to me like this is a book in this arena. We cannot control the outside world but we can control how we react to what is happening. Relax and try to read with an open heart and mind. I do know what you mean cuz reading comprenhension is my biggest mental problem right now. If you cannot grasp the whole ask him for a tape recommendation till your comprenhension improves. I trying to do the same as you right now.
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    Suggested by docs and have always learned something. Pain management is more than just a pill. I would at least give it a chance with an open mind.

    Love, Mikie
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    If I were to buy a book I would first have to ask his other patients what they thought. I would also tell the doc that I won't buy one but, borrow one from his lib. Then if we like it we can go buy one to keep for referancing. We to forget what we read, so it's good to have a hard copy.

    He does have a captive audiance and to make one pay to sell his book in this manner is just plain wrong. Even if it turns out to be a great book.

    If you do read it and find it helpful please let us know.

    Take care, Kim and Gary


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    I will finish this book someday. May have to read it twice. I like all the different opinions from everyone. I agree that I should have not paid for this book. However, since I have paid for it I can only hope to benefit by reading it. I will let you all know what benefits I receive, if any. I plan to read the first couple of chapters again because I did not retain much of what I have read. Take care.

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    for anymore comments or maybe someone who has read this book. Take care and thanks.

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    I wonder if I can get a refund. I am getting nothing from this book except a feeling that it is telling me to change my way of thinking. I get the feeling that the doctor thinks I have brought this illness upon myself and now I can heal myself. I cannot change the person I am or my way of thinking. Believe me, I have tried. I have always been a worrier and have always wanted to do my best and do everything for everybody. I always take things to heart and upset very easily. How can you change that? This is who I have been, all my life. I believe that positive thinking is best, but how does one always be so positive? Is is really that easy, can you just keep telling yourself you feel well and eventually you do? Do my GP and this pain management doctor now think all my pains are in my head? Makes me wonder. Does anyone else believe their doctor thinks it is in their head after positive testing of Fibromyalgia?
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    Your doctor is doing what most of the medical establishment has bought into. He can't treat the disease so its your fault and if you just think positively enough it will get better. On the other hand, he may be telling you to just grin and bear it.

    If you see him again, ask him what he really thinks of FM/CFS.